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  1. "Too True " -People on Instagram
  2. my old private leaving the community.... MEH o7
  3. what reg? was he stuck as a "drill sergeant"
  4. miss you maxine, will miss the time you killed me 10 times in a row in my spawn.
  5. I agree with this statement when i used to be affiliated with MHC
  6. I remember coming back onto the server and you being a PVT ST. Then working along side you during my MHC days was really great and I never regretted anything during that time except when SM was introduced and you and @wflizzi were killing me and my troops for "tresspassing". We'll miss you buddy!
  7. I remember when lil ol' ridge became a DT private and later a staff member. As time went along I saw him really go down the drain as he got more and more "casual" around the server, over time I wondered if anyone noticed that the server is getting more and more corrupt as time goes on and I really don't want this community to end up like a lot of other "Serious RP" servers as most of those servers crash cause of lack of players or corrupted staff who abuse their power for "personal gain" or "for the laughs" or even because "they know the rules". I like Ridge, he is a very memey, funny guy, but
  8. welcome to hell may there be a good future for you
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