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  1. People can change but you have to prove that. If you make a mistake you can build yourself back up, I believe I am one of those perfect examples. If you chose to continue making the same mistakes then you do NOT deserve a place in this community.
  2. Welcome to the community!! My name is Megamasha on the forums, in game I am known as Galahad, havoc or Mega. Enjoy your stay with imperial gaming (Your second home )
  3. Little, you are my dad and savior stay strong
  4. Hello, members/staff and others in the community. I would like to put it out there that my 7-month journey has come to an end. Thank you to everyone that made this experience the best it could have been! I love all you guys and I thank you so so much for giving me this position in the community. You will still see me around from time to time on the Starwars Rp Again thank you so much and I wish you all the best for the future! *Mic Drops* Mega out
  5. I just want to say on behalf of the Website Developers that worked on the new landing page, we would like to thank you for giving us your positive opinion except for that silly error. We greatly appreciate the support and well respect comments. Thank you again.
  6. Welcome to Imperial Gaming! I guarantee you will enjoy your stay.
  7. Hola amigo Welcome to Imperial Gaming! We hope you enjoy your stay. Regards, Mega
  8. Kingsbury is remaking the model to have no cape, thanks to achilles. I personally do not like the drop ship as it looks to cartoony compared to the one we have now. -1
  9. This is a good suggestion, but to my knowledge of Teamspeak it can't be done. Would be cool to see it, but don't think it's possible. Regards
  10. Hi, My name Is Megameme call me Mega for short, like tridents penis I am a modator. I play Imperial Gamng. Regards, Mega
  11. -1 Darth vader is perfectly capable of this position and doing this will just overpower him and make his role useless.
  12. I just want to take it apon myself to let the community know that the donation page has been updated! A numerous of amazing opportunities are up for grabs, for only a low price of $65 bucks for a reg!! Theses Regiments include: Jump Trooper Nova Trooper Scout Trooper Magma Trooper 442nd Siege Battalion Maybe not looking to be a commander? Well, there are two sith lord Characters, up for grabs! Lord Starkiller and Lord Malgus for only $75!! Still not interested? How about the SITH INQUISITOR TRAINEE for $65!! See our donation page for more! http://do
  13. Hey, I would just like to suggest that staff members and event masters have different colours on the forums compared to dark grey. This could bring many advantages, for example. When a person is applying for a staff rank on the server they may "look up" more so to a staff member than a regular member in the community. They could easily identify the staff compared to the members. In all honesty too, it looks better on the website when their is a bit more colour than what their is. Thanks for taking the time to read this suggestion, please leave comments on your thoughts! Regards
  14. Sounds amazing!! Been waiting a long time for this to happen, especially the Gbans. Administration Situations should be way quicker and easier now! Thank you Imperial Gaming Dev Team!
  15. Very good idea but I don't like it. It's to futuristic.
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