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    MOTD for SWRP

    ^ @Hisoka is right as players want to get playing rather then waste their time because now of days people have a attention span of 1 second
  2. Rada


    -1, I cannot understand what you are trying to say because you can't use grammar correctly but there was little to no effort put into this
  3. @Sal same for me, won't be able to get on although ill be on ts for the next few days as I'm going to Thredbo for a cold one with the bois for my birthday, leaving tomorrow so ill see you guys soonish. (message for IC)
  4. I think there previously was one correct me if I'm wrong
  5. Ye nah, what ling ling said
  6. +1 doffles is young, and extremely rude, shouting out racist slurs in game and in ts. He also is encouraging other ST to rdm.
  7. Rada

    Server Content

    Try setting your game mode into windows. it stopped my LUA panics @Variant test out a lot of stuff and see if it fixes it.
  8. Rada

    Server Content

    If you have an issue with the amount of addons place a support ticket down and the higher ranked staff members will look at it and will deal with it from there
  9. @Predator thanks dude , this looks like a lot of fun!
  10. Happy birthday your officially a cake now.
  11. Hey guys, if you don't have this game already, take a look at this http://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/Squad/ its a fucking amazing, if you have it add me on steam we could play together some time.
  12. @Dom no worries I'll try find it myself or wait for Vulcan
  13. Chef is a DT private in this wood and wilson is a PFC in 212th, shit has channnnged
  14. @Dom can u send me the link?
  15. I hope that some day Imperial gaming will do this would be fucking awesome. check out the link!
  16. Rada

    IG Logo/Wallpaper

    And finally, vader
  17. Rada

    IG Logo/Wallpaper

    Rancor- wasn't the best shot
  18. Rada

    IG Logo/Wallpaper

    Death Troopers
  19. Rada

    IG Logo/Wallpaper

    Stay tuned I got a few nice screen shots I will edit tommorow
  20. Rada

    IG Logo/Wallpaper

    One of my other creations
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