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  1. 1st it was 10 people on the server so i dont know why you were complaining because we were having a muck about with Nova troopers 2nd we weren't lagging the server at all that was Hisoka spawning in a massive dupe with a hundred explosive barrels 3rd you say fast forward to today like we've had the job for sooooo long. we've had it for 1 day today is our second 4th he is going no context from the shooting when it is 11 people and koala had killed us when came back and killed him thats it. 5th Caboose's exact words were on the server RP IS NOT ACTIVE BUT SERVER RULES STILL A
  2. Who the hell is Rev im bloody IC and i dont know who he is
  3. Make Scout not Arf since other Regiments had arf jobs make them 91st Recoineese because they get speeders and are snipers
  4. Why don't we just get a sister server like the darkRP server for clones that way its easier for people to choose.
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