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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Designation: Qteks Regiment: Imperial Navy Rank: Vice Admiral Role: Naval High Command ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Qteks, born on Ryloth showed an interest in capital ships and starfighters during the Republic era, at a young age he then started his career training at the Imperial Naval Academy. After mastering capital ship combat he was then transferred into the Imperial Navy at the rank of Junior Crewman. Junior Crewman Qteks, then put under command of the legendary Imperial Executor Gamma was ordered to do a report on every single regiment of the ship and investigate the state of each regiment. After his report was handed over to Vice Admiral Atlas the report was praised for its detail and deep investigations took. The admirals now had their eye on this Junior Crewman who was shortly promoted to Crewman. After long service and Qteks climbing the ranks, he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander, which lead to him then been offered a place in a classified Imperial Starship Organization, after two years of designing capital ships they completed their final project and the organization was disbanded. Due to his old rank and his interest to return to the Imperial Navy, he then came back as a Captain of the navy under command of Grand Moff Tarkin and Grand Admiral Octavian Grant, as Qteks started to take a larger role in the Navy he was then promoted to Line Captain and shortly after received the role of Commanding Officer, meaning he was now commander of the star destroyer under supervision of the Grand Admirals. Later in his career, Qteks remained one of the longest-serving navy members and was recognized by the Emperor himself and was then granted the rank of Rear Admiral, to this day Rear Admiral Qteks serves and commands the Navy and his Star destroyer proudly maintaining the standards of the empire that where taught to him a long time ago.
  2. Hey Puppy and Maxine, thank you for the feedback but I'm curious to where this has come from, maybe you two plus others just don't notice me given 98% of my work/role is behind the scenes but I'm online upwards of 4-5 hours per day. Please feel free to contact me why you feel overwise.
  3. Navy, or at least most of Navy are interested
  4. Whoops noticed that I had to redo some of it in the process that must have been why I missed that question, now edited it back in.
  5. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60076539 Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Qteks Play Time: 6w, 1d, 11h Have you used PAC before: Yes I have, however, I do not know much beyond the very basics, I am willing to learn and do have a lot of friends who already have PAC that can help me out. Why should you be trusted with PAC: Having been a member of the community since late February, I have always tried to stay active within the community and welcome all members. I believe I am quite well established on the server, having been an ex Event Master and the Rear Admiral while also trying to make roleplay around the sever fun for everyone. Why do you want PAC: As I and many other navy are applying for PAC we believe it is critical to expand our roleplay and try to take our RP to the extra level well working together and working with other regiments around the ship. Overall I also think PAC is just a great tool that can be used around the ship and with other Navy and members of the community and does wish to be apart of the player base that has the privilege of using PAC3. Why do you deserve PAC: Been a loyal member of Imperial gaming, I believe PAC can achieve great things, well using PAC, I will also not create PACs that may be considered over the top, I also believe PAC is something not to be messed with and I will only use PAC for what is needed and nothing else beyond the limits.
  6. Best of luck for the future, you will be missed in navy
  7. Good luck to everyone applying for the roles and can't wait to work with the two people who make it.
  8. glad to have you aboard crewman Garr Tatham
  9. I think this is a good idea and given not a lot of people know my backstory ill go on to tell it. I joined the server in mid-February, I ended up getting trained by Stevo, a few days later after playing around, I joined the medical troopers. A little after a week later navy tryouts where announced and I decided to give it a go, knowing near to nothing about navy expect for a bit of lore here and there to my surprise I was accepted. At that time little did I know 8 months later I would become a Rear Admiral and still love my job today and meet so many great people.
  10. Well, I don't fully agree with Mainz, I think everyone should be allowed to voice their opinion, and in many ways Chef you have completely shut down Mainz's option while also claiming he shut down yours. Also, I don't think you should call it "Disappointing" if someone voices their opinion. If you don't agree with me feel free to talk to me about the situation when you get the chance.
  11. yeah no worries, come up as you wish to say hey, just don't spy on us <3.
  12. Hopefully you guys get more EMs soon, I know its pretty bad timing but you got some really good people applying for EM currently, you guys should have some more soon,
  13. +1 Great guy, mature and will be a very good fit for the EM team
  14. Qteks

    Alter EM app

    +1 Will make some great events
  15. I have enjoyed being on the event master team, however, unfortunately, I have grown not to enjoy doing events within my time, and in the last week or two, I no longer feel like making any events. I will continue to play imperial gaming and be part of the community just as much as I always had, however, feel as if it would be unfair to keep my staff rank just for the power. Best of luck to the EM and staff team, I hope to one day return to the staff team as either an EM again or a Tmod, but that will not be till at least 2018 and will depend on the situation. Goodbye all This is not the end of the story, but for now Qteks Singing Out
  16. +1 Will be a good fit for the EM team and detailed app
  17. Sad to see you leaving, best of luck on the TMod app and hope to one day see you back on the staff team.
  18. Herman made it.... not hemes haha
  19. This is starting to become a mess, this will be my final post on this thread. I also wish for only people with something new to say or the management team to comment on the thread so that the issue can be solved without the same things being repeated over and over. (Hopefully I can have a speak with the management team about the issue)
  20. Either then the fact I said I didn't do it, which at that point they already knew I did, yet they were constantly recording every single thing I did and asking me questions about what had happened
  21. I own up to the fact that I did wrong things, however, will also defend myself in the many elements that have been blown out of proportion, and again what have I lied about?
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