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    Despite me not been around the community for almost a year now, I know Boris deeply cares about IG and wants to serve as a moderator with dedication. From what I have seen Boris has gotten on the wrong foot with some people, however, it's his dedication to keep moving forward and take criticism that makes him stand out as a potential moderator.

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    I have not been around the community for a long time. However, I would like to add that from my experience with Boris, I know he will be a capable EM as I trusted him for a very long time and I'm sure he will not let anyone down.

    As for the permaban, I was in contact with him at the time and personally, I don't think it was the fairest. I don't want to go into to much detail, however, well Boris didn't handle the situation as well as he could have I don't think the previous ban should be taken into as much consideration.

  3. Hello to everyone reading this message, this will be my final statement on the issue, I just want to address a few things. Firstly thank you to @Ridge and @Wolf for your responses.

    Secondly, something I did not make fully clear to the public and more to the people involved in this report, my intention. Did I want Ridge demoted? Not exactly, could that have that been in the picture? Possibly. The intent was to firstly shine a light on the issue and for others to come out with there issues with Ridge. The Punishment? We wanted things to change and to ensure this never happened again, I speak for a large number of people in that statement. 

    Regarding the "blown out of proportion" argument, was it? Yes, there where fights caused, but other than this, it was a place to come out with opinions/evidence, ignoring the fights for one second, please consider that there are large amounts of people who have genuine issues with Ridge's displays. These are not massive issues however a lot of little acts go a long way.

    I understand how this can be quite overwhelming at the beginning seeing what could be considered the most popular forum post ever, but please consider what the community is saying so this doesn't happen again.

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