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    Boris' TMOD App

    +1 Despite me not been around the community for almost a year now, I know Boris deeply cares about IG and wants to serve as a moderator with dedication. From what I have seen Boris has gotten on the wrong foot with some people, however, it's his dedication to keep moving forward and take criticism that makes him stand out as a potential moderator.
  2. +1 I have not been around the community for a long time. However, I would like to add that from my experience with Boris, I know he will be a capable EM as I trusted him for a very long time and I'm sure he will not let anyone down. As for the permaban, I was in contact with him at the time and personally, I don't think it was the fairest. I don't want to go into to much detail, however, well Boris didn't handle the situation as well as he could have I don't think the previous ban should be taken into as much consideration.
  3. +1 you have definitely proven yourself worthy of PAC3
  4. Thank you to the management team for all your hard work on the new update ❤️
  5. Neutral I know you will make a great EM, but your gonna have to improve your app. Please contact me if you want any advice during the application process
  6. Neutral You have been a good navy member so far, however I think you need to give it a bit of time before applying for EM
  7. What if instead of removing them they changed it to every month (instead of the original 2 weeks), or just every once and awhile when the EMs have a really good campaign idea and plan.
  8. Hello to everyone reading this message, this will be my final statement on the issue, I just want to address a few things. Firstly thank you to @Ridge and @Wolf for your responses. Secondly, something I did not make fully clear to the public and more to the people involved in this report, my intention. Did I want Ridge demoted? Not exactly, could that have that been in the picture? Possibly. The intent was to firstly shine a light on the issue and for others to come out with there issues with Ridge. The Punishment? We wanted things to change and to ensure this never happened again, I spea
  9. The thing is, this is just one of the many incidents, the reason I used that example was it showed many of the issues that seem to be repeating with Ridge.
  10. If have any evidence/examples please feel free to comment them, if not please try to reframe from commenting right now if you do not as more people are coming out with the correct infomation
  11. I am making this on behalf of many community members, including many of the higher-ups in-game who have been stepped on by this Senior Admin. It is disappointing to see the recent actions that have been taking place regarding this situation and I regret to make this post but feel it is necessary. 15th of February, Ridge came into the control room for no reason at all, after one of my navy officers requested he left due to him not having a reason for entry he then went "AFK", what followed next is a display that Ridge has constantly allowed to take place within the community. He allowed h
  12. +1 I think you still deserve PAC, well I believe you do need to improve activity you have done some good things for this community and I don't see big issues with you having PAC3
  13. +1 Trustworthy and helped me and Saturn out with PAC3 when we were just getting into it
  14. +1 Despite most people not knowing him well, ever since Keta has come back he has been active and mature, he definitely deserves PAC3 now.
  15. One of my best friends and will use PAC3 well +1
  16. Deserves PAC3 and is very much trusted +1
  17. Lmao that was me not twinkie Edit: after re watching it i dont think it was me but i remember doing something simular with alot of the same people in the ts
  18. Rip the day before i get back from my holiday, cya on the 24th mate and enjoy.
  19. Thank you everyone for the feedback so far
  20. +1 Edit: Accidentally said a thank you for the feedback message on the wrong thread, must have glitched but I would have given a plus one anyways
  21. +1 Great guy, great navy, and an excellent role player and someone I trust very much
  22. Looking at this now this is not just a character backstory but everything I have done in-game on Imperial Gaming though 2017 so I would like to thank everyone and especially these people for making my journey in IG so great: @Cody @Whitey @Gamma @K3YR0T @Billy Bob @Jman1308 @Matt @Barron(Cheers for promo Barron) @Seven @Saturn @Twinkie @Emerald @Kendrick
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