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  1. +1 -Top notch Cmdr -friendly -mature
  2. +1 -friendly -ex-staff -trustworthy
  3. One thing I forgot to note is that yes my activity is sub-par as pointed out by Joel that is mostly due to a lot of IRL thing like family members going in and out of hospital and a lot of things happen with my work also but after this my activity will most likely double. - sincerely Marcus
  4. Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Marcus walker Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:62706629 Steam Profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085678987/ In Game Details In Game Name: 73-06 “Marcus” In Game Rank: WOII In Game Regiment: Death trooper Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence):I did have 7 weeks Before reset Applicants History & Reasons Have you had any warns (If so state them): I have never received a warn since I started playing on this server last year in march 2017. Have
  5. +1 Plus on from me -Great trooper -very active -Friendly Although people say its basic and overdone one thing we must remember most people how apply are only trying for tier 1 and yes a display of skill is good but there is not much you can really do with tier 1 -Sincerely Marcus
  6. Update All pac displayed above are now obsolete due myself restarting my laptop and losing all my data and pac's. I am currently working on a revamp for all of them Sincerely Marcus
  7. +1 great guy good shock trooper the visor you received from a fellow could you mention who made it *cough* ME *cough* Best of luck to you Sincerely Marcus
  8. New pac3 creations 1. Surveillance/security drones 2. Wrist mounted ray shield (spins)
  9. New pac3 creation that rotates props useful for RP situation where one might need to display an vehicle ETC
  10. Some model/pacs I have been working on for a few hours 1. Easily updatable ID holograms Info: ID contains name, rank, regiment, clearance level, pilots license and designation which is my personal choice to include all updatable by adding text to existing text (I.E. just add name and rank etc.) 2. Communications hologram Info: Just a basic communications hologram uses stretched dome as projector model on plate is MHC grand general model (Wolfs model) colored light blue to simulate a projection (activated by typing) 3. Nova commander with custom made Visor Info: ba
  11. Ah little you will be missed I very much enjoyed watching you yell at minges/people failing to follow orders nether all good things come to end sooner or later farewell you legend Sincerely Marcus
  12. not much of record when 50% of the replies are from yourself maybe if it was others. Just sayin
  13. UPDATED Updated my application to hopefully increase peoples view of my application and me in general
  14. +1 >mature and trustworthy Sincerely Marcus
  15. -1 >no effort put into app >haven't seen you around
  16. Neutral Haven't seen you on much lately .
  17. -1 Not enough time what so ever.
  18. +1 >Absolute lad >Mature >Respectful Sincerely Marcus
  19. -1 No effort what so ever needs major improvements.
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