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  1. If you could @Staticiser send me the pac i'll load it up and see the issue. Although I don't use entity's unless having to edit my player model (most likely should not due to it being against pac3 rules) i'll take a look into it.
  2. cast

    Cast's Ban Appeal

    In-game alias: (Was) Marauder Leader Vauban I’m normally known as Cast and I was previously ST Sergeant Cast Your SteamID: STEAM_0 : 0 : 49789889 When was the ban: 23/12/17 9:32pm (time may be wrong, hard to pinpoint how it was documented) How long is the ban: Permanent Which admin banned you: Ridge Explain the situation: I joined the server and was then banned from the server for advertising for another server, not unwarranted and I don’t disagree with the reasoning behind the ban. Why I advertised was a rebellious thing to do
  3. cast

    Clipping bones

    While scaling is an easier fix, their can be issues with things attached to the bone. Scaling is normally a unreliable tool when it comes to PAC3 and its best not to touch it especially with models I recommend just to hide the mesh of the bone, considering no issues will arise from this, while scaling may cause problems with the model Especially if you bone merge to replace arms.
  4. Welcome to the server newbie, i'll be sure to show you the ropes m e m e d
  5. cast


    I prefer off ship Off ship for me allows trooper regiments to shine their purpose, I did an event with roostine and I was Commodore Redeye. We legit had a 40 minute MHC meeting to discuss a battle plan for locating this rebel cell and taking them out. Scar / ISB / Inferno Did an awesome job and suggested infiltrating their ranks which we got organised, Scar would cloak near the infiltrators and be their backup while ISB / Inferno would gain as much Intel as possible. Navy offered to move to the communications tower and hack into the enemy communications, which was also fantastic. The main
  6. Good run, very good to have you around. You were a big asset in bringing marauders into existence, both in concept and overall assistance Your RP and Creative mindset is and was astonishing during your time, hopefully you're able to take it into whatever you do.
  7. nah but seriously congrats to you both, long time coming for both of you
  8. cast

    Movie Night

    @|Stryker| Looks good, i'll contact you tomorrow if your on and organise that if you willing to let us use it. Only problem that's my concern is transportation and how to get there (pro and con) That'll be organised when I talk to you, cheers for offer.
  9. For me spoilers are not an issue, as I do not view spoilers as a means to ruin an experience a movie might bring Although spoilers can ruin key integral moments for others, for me it does not. Just take what everyone says as a joke / not true Pretty much what happened when the whole "Han dies" meme was going around, I didn't pay it much attention and just considered it an option for the movie that it might happen But yeah, it does suck that you have to avoid a server you play on just to avoid that one ST PVT that'll scream a spoiler
  10. +1 in relation to Barron's idea
  11. If only pac3 could save you wait, he received pac3 and i can no longer pull tiny immature pranks on him?
  12. Yikes man, shitty situations like that aren't fun in anyway shape or form But hopefully you'll be alright, good luck with your final's
  13. I was around for the knight's creation and i was first commander, do i count??? tbh i don't remember player count at that time
  14. Rip man, you were good fun to be around and you will be missed But if you've realized you've lost interest and don't have time it's good of you to resign instead of filling the role just 'because' Ah well, see ya round man. Good luck wherever you go that one tournament when i won that mcflurry with mnm's, i have not received my melted mess in the mail.
  15. try mat_disable_bloom 1 props to others who have found this command, can give a boost
  16. OH MY. haven't seen you around for awhile, welcome back. if you do start playing again be wary of changes
  17. +1 In Game You are fun, and consistently joking taking some edge of things While you do muck around a bit, given the opportunity and timing you're RP is very good The App While not detailed and quite short, I believe it gets your point across The app is 'lacking' but I believe you are a suited candidate
  18. +1 In Game I have seen you act responsibly, and you are genuinely quite funny at times. Someone enjoyable to be around is someone I trust Your RP is excellent (slight bias) and you never go out of your way to ruin experiences The App Your app is excessively detailed (not a bad thing) and goes further into how you will act I'd put my trust in Hisoka to use PAC3. An excellent candidate
  19. +1 In Game In game you are respectable and mature, desirable traits for PAC3 usage You have not made an effort to ruin experiences, but I also personally have not seen you RP. Hopefully I get to see this The App The app is detailed to content, showing you will take on the responsibility of PAC3 Your learning of PAC3 is showing, while it is minimal i'd rather someone who knew the tool then someone who did not In short, you are mature and respectable. And I see no reason why you would misuse or abuse PAC3
  20. Please understand that the Sith Marauders are custom lore and do not follow the wiki Do also note that the addition of marauders was a long and grueling process to prove that we were a regiment to be added not simply because of the fact that we wanted access to light sabers. Here was the document in which custom lore we follow (This was the document used in the ticket for additional knowledge) https://docs.google.com/document/d/117kP4z8NWoBwkftgMgyxU4yToWHMnvOVeJdldicH164/edit?usp=sharing I also agree with the millions of higher ups aboard the one vessel, while it doesn't make s
  21. Not micspam. denied reapply in two weeks
  22. I'd be done for an interview Of what I haven't a clue...
  23. cast

    Gauntlet Ideas

    That would be an interesting idea, although i'll have to make it so i don't receive any weapons. Sort of like an emergency only blade Thank you for the suggestion Excal
  24. cast

    Gauntlet Ideas

    Recently I've been thinking about what i can add to my gauntlet, several functions if you will. I have made several functions, which will be in this spoiler below. So as you can see, I've done already a fair bit. I was wondering if I can add some more functions I've got about 4 buttons free, with two of them being obviously red (For important things, who knows) Another thing, I've yet to find a purpose for the other side of my gauntlet as well So if you have any ideas feel free to let me know, if you are a non pac 3 user feel free to personally MSG me.
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