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  1. Can i just please be unbanned, i just wanna start playing again
  2. Ohhhhhh so thats the reason, omg its been that long i have used this account. The ban on my old account is that old the logs have must been cleared it doesnt say why, plus i honestly cannot remember.
  3. Lil Stromboli


    In-game alias: Nebula Your SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198373184672/ When was the ban: 12/12/17 How long is the ban: Permanent Which admin banned you: Caboose Explain the situation: Apparently ive been banned for (Bypassing Ban) ?? Why you deserve a second chance: I honestly do not understand why i have been permabanned ive been playing on this server for a long time as Lord Marr and other characters. I personally told Caboose a couple months ago that i was moving house, im finally back as i joined a few days ago, i try to play tonight
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