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  1. ahhh the old baby blue coloured naval guard.
  2. Our scoreboard is super clean and simple with easy to view colour coding, I dont think we need a new one. TS is also easier to organise and manage (in my opinion), thats why so many communities use it. Discord should only be kept to regiments for announcements and updates etc.
  3. Nick

    Nick Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Cone Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:40274378 In game name and rank: Nick - Junior Technician How long was the ban: Perm I believe Staff who banned you: Cross When was the ban: 10/02/2018 Reason for ban: Mass RDM/minging/attempted rdm/not listening to staff Explain the situation: So i joined the server this afternoon, 1 minute within joining an ST Pvt by the name nick (uncapitalized name), said "N***r in comms, next thing i knew I was banned. I believe it was a mistake as we had the same name. Why you deserve to be unbanned: I didn't do anything, clear
  4. Mature, friendly, great roleplayer +1
  5. Great guy, mature, and is always keen to roleplay +1
  6. Just a heads up i will be on holiday from 2nd - 10th of Jan so i will be inactive from the game and forums, so plz no kick from reg. cyas in a bit Cheers
  7. Seems to me that your application lacks any detail at all. -1
  8. Friendly guy, mature and i believe he is trust worthy with the responsiblity. +1
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