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  1. +1 I've been RPing with Pablo for the better part of 7 years on GMod, and the kid deserves it more than anyone Good luck bro <3
  2. I could not +1 this hard enough. Actually gives D.T a purpose when gusky, pants, max aren't on. Thinks about others and is always RPing. You'll do well as a TMod. Good luck, SS Goy
  3. -1. Events need more detail imo, but I like where they're headed
  4. +1 I've had quite a few very exciting RP encounters with achilles, and from the info you've provided, you'll do well as a moderator. good luck.
  5. -1. I've been on while you have quite often, don't really see you RPing. Often argumentative and disrespectful, just from my experiences with you. good luck with your app though.
  6. +1 Active, respected member of the community. never had a problem with you. You'll do well as a mod
  7. -1 Not really admin material yet, the encounters I've had with you are mingy in general, not good at composing yourself. Not enough effort in app.
  8. +1 Mirror's a great RPer. works well in a team, and would be a pleasant addition to the staff team. Good luck.
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