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  1. sad to see you go it was nice knowing you
  2. rip hades this is for dominus/dracks probs the youngest player on the server
  3. Same issue, the link Moose provided just gave me an error pop up page and I have done what Kumo says but it didn't seem to work, I have all the content from the content pack, i checked twice. when I do try to join it says that I am missing map: Maps/RP_stardestroyer_v2.bsp
  5. Daffybebe


    You are some new ISB follower?
  6. +1, Great guy, deserves the position
  7. Lad, you got banned for a very good reason. Being a minge. And it doesn't matter how long ago it happened but having that many warns in such a short period of time doesn't look the best. And doesn't matter how many players are on at any time, racial slurs are never accepted. Take this week to reflect on what you did and maybe come back a better person. -1
  8. Update: Some inspecting and memorizing has shown that both mine and the other 'daffy's' id's are different, confirming we are not the same person. (I hope)
  9. I am also open to talk about this issue on TS, poke me or join the channel I am sitting in, (Lounge 5)
  10. This isn't me. I didn't go into any TS channels saying anything, and my TS name isn't Doffles and never has been. EDIT: I would really like to talk to you to discuss this, as this really isn't me.
  11. Oh hell yea, I didn't lose. Good job boys, better luck next time as well I guess.
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