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  1. Can't do / or ( ) in names. So if you want anything else reply to my comment.
  2. This 'introduction' has gone off topic a fair bit so it'll be locked. Also, welcome back.
  3. Currently, we don't believe it's possible. But we'll take a closer look into it over the weekend.
  4. Pretty sure it would be more than not having an ID. Although, it was a long time ago so I don't see why you can't have a second third chance.
  5. +1 Doesn't deserve a perm ban. Was obviously heat of the moment since he disagreed with how the court-martial was dealt with, has been a good member of the server.
  6. -1 To be completely honest, I don't believe you. You rammed the ship into debrief it then took at least 10 minutes to work out who did it and during that you went into admin chat and asked to be changed back to your exact regiment and exact job and I don't think your brother could sound that similar to you. You then hopped off and you were banned by Wolf, not Whitey.
  7. -1. Was a troll when he wasn't banned and also attacked IG community members during the IG split.
  8. After discussion amongst the management team, we have decided to restrict replying to ban appeals to staff only. This is so the section can be cleaner and it is easier for the person reviewing the appeal to get the facts straight. Before any Senior Admins unban the person they will contact the staff member who originally banned him and get their opinion before deciding themself. We respectfully ask if the staff do reply they keep their answers short and simple and if you're present for when they got banned you explain the situation behind it. If a user does reply to an appeal their
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