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  1. WiltOS sucks man, it doesn't work and will never work. Shit is laggy as hell and loses its cool factor one week in. Come up with a suggestion that doesn't use it, trust me.
  2. I must say Ragnar all my interactions with you when I was on the server were quite pleasant. I'm glad to see that you are looking into improving the image of COMPNOR. I'm looking forward to see what you can do with the regiment. If there was anyone who could do it, it would be a friendly guy like yourself.
  3. It is nice to see a refreshing opinion about this whole topic that isn't just "Serious RP is in the title of the server." I think if I am reading correctly Yeff that we actually both enjoy the same parts of the server (A mix of serious RP but with some minging on the side.) I think there is a perfect balance to how much RP you can have on the server but I have always found that Serious RP often restricts some players ability to have fun on the server. Right now if the server was changed to semi-serious I doubt much would change, the serious players would be serious and the less than serious
  4. Hello IG, it's Jay Lamar here with another one of his complaining posts. However, this time it is different. After recent discussions with certain members of the community and recent forum posts I wondered to myself the title of the post. Now I know the answer for some people but I can't say for absolute sure which side has the majority. Below I have written up some pros and cons for either side of the arguments. Obviously, I have my bias but I have tried to think of as many pros and cons for both argument for the sake of fairness in this post. If you have disagreements with what I have said o
  5. First things first: Under Bailey we made some of the coolest shit that never got used on the server, Coming up with the script for this video was one of the most fun things we did with our time. Keeping with what Bailey said, we were stepped on quite alot during our time on the server. Always under pressure from our overseers, always having conflicts with ISB. I do agree with this post that the CFP could work again however, I dont see it working when attached to ISB in anyway. Sadly Bailey and myself could not bring the CFP to the level that everyone wanted it to be. Despite us spen
  6. This thread is so amusing to me. To see so many COMPNOR shills still shoveling this trash idea that they aren't stealing RP. COMPNOR is spoon fed the best RP on this server, you claim that its your commitment and your regiments members that just happen to be RP focused. Any RP can be spun into your favour, it litterally falls into your lap. "It's a security matter." It is more accurate to say that you aren't stealing RP, when infact the RP that your regiment is designed to do is crushing other regiment's RP. You are all so thirsty and cutthroat to obtain promotions you will step on anyone
  7. I was one of the low ranking scout troopers and the rebel with the sniper that gets demolished at 4:33. Its kind of funny this footage without the voicelines, I'm pretty sure the stormtrooper with the white pauldron was an important character and he got sniped. He was trying to save the scout commander but during the filming they used a pulse cannon and actually got a collateral. You can see it at 4:20.
  8. Whoever applies has to be able to beat Zote and I in a duel. Sorry guys there wont be a GI for a while.
  9. I'm a simple man, I see RishiMoon I upvote.
  10. You can't make this comment without context, on the server, CFP and the Inquisitorius work together quite often. The Grand Inquisitor has obviously seen it worth while enough to protect an ally. Once again, Inquisitors are not entirely loyal to the Empire. They may be self-centred at times, you cannot say 100% that the Grand Inquisitor would not take a bribe, especially from someone he works together with often. Bailey could have done this himself, he had a legitimate reason to change his model and equip the cloak. You seem to agree that the GI would be able to ope
  11. I wouldn't even consider an inquisitor accepting bribes FailRP, as seen in the comics inquisitors would indulge themselves in their downtime and often disregard the Inquisitorius' rules. (Leading them to be killed but the point still stands.)
  12. I would like to mention relating to Wingza opening that door, I doubt he intended to break the door fully. In terms of him getting in the Grand Inquisitor has an infinite amount of ways within RP to open the door. It also seems strange to me that there is no way to open this door from the outside, There were two CL6s and one CL5 and none of them were able to enter as the brig was for some reason designed this way. Bottom line the Grand Inquisitor forcing entry into the Brig is in no way fail RP.
  13. Wow! Excellent forum post structure, good job cecil!
  14. Get rid of the loading screen music please. That is all, thanks.
  15. Alas the life of the driver, its a thankless job. @Rickle
  16. Name: Jay Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/JayLamar/ Server Playtime: Why do you want to receive a copy of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?: All my fellow Sith are putting out LOAs to play this game day 1. I am currently saving money to buy a car and can't afford the game. If I don't get it soon, its guaranteed spoiled. Trust me I know the other Sith. Anything else you'd like to add?: You a real G Splonter, thanks for the giveaway.
  17. How come it is one guard instead of two for VIPS, seems kind of pointless. Everywhere else it is two guards.
  18. Here is an example character sheet for our missions, incase you guys were interested. It's a lot of stuff to remember but we usually set an hour or two aside to do these missions.
  19. For my RP missions, we use stat pages for certain characters. So Zote's character the Seventh Sister, has a really high combat ability. So he adds plus 30 to his rolls in combat. Where as an Inquisitor Initiate probably wouldn't be as good so they add less. So Zote rolls, then the person he is attacking rolls. The number that is higher wins of course. Also I didn't come up with rolling for rp encounters, to be fair. I do like the idea of having different states of success depending on how high the roll is though.
  20. Thanks Sith Gang, you guys are the real Gs. Just glad I could make a fun experience that you guys all enjoyed.
  21. Jay Lamar

    Sith News

    Thanks to pulse for filming and editing this masterpiece, what a legend.
  22. Oh man Pulse's videos always get me so hype.
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