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  1. well said, It's important to have a character on the server
  2. well, I am sure I can get the prophets to train with you guys, maybe so your troopers/any troopers can learn how to effectively combat Saber Users!
  3. I rarely see prophets RDM on purpose, yes I see force choke abuse (and I am guilty of using force choke a bit), but inquisitor shouldn't even be doing this, I have seen a few inquisitors using force choke, and when I use force choke, it's only in self defence, I never go out of my way to just rdm with the force choke
  4. dude seeya, I am gonna miss my fav meme, dude you taught me to much about pureus, and you told me many times you can beat pureus, but idk about that pureus is a god
  5. Personally I think clone wars is a bit overused, if we were to switch TOR would be the way to go
  6. I agree, many times as sith I have thought of leaving (one time I took a break to engineers), but tbh I would never fully leave sith
  7. I agree with Ling Ling, tbh that's gonna be a bit to confusing, when we have our current system that works fine
  8. Prophet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iQ4fAPSnCmiq-4AGYrciZ4zpLXnq4ftALulEFUzGoE4/edit
  9. I 100% agree with mist there
  10. This is going to be amazing!
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