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  1. So this is it. Its been almost a year now, and my time with Imperial Gaming has come to an end. There were good times, and bad ones too, but i must thank you all for making my time on the server enjoyable. I will now be officially leaving both the staff team and the community. Regards, Apollo <3.
  2. Please Jack, don't make a forums post regarding the regiment before talking to your Commander ( me ). Never seen this myself, as pilots have a strict procedure they must follow when taking off for any kind of transport. Maybe you had a non-pilot flying. In fact, the dropships are physically incapable of inverted flight. However if you do have an issue with pilots behaviour or the way they conduct themselves when i am not around, please come to me about it so i can address it properly. Edit: Also go easy on Jack, he is younger than most on
  3. Aahahahahahaha true
  4. wait killed it as in a good thing or
  5. Never heard of you. Welcome
  6. It's already on the server
  7. See I told you he is on some weird shit
  8. Random discussion for a random conversation..... Someone please tell me what he is saying, I am scared I fear frenchys life is in immediate danger send help exd
  9. Yeah we didn't mind guarding you. We love guarding ( This is late and kinda irrelevant, but ) The Royal Guard and Shadow Guard loved you as Vader, I can assure you.
  10. Yea that guy was my first SG commander :,)
  11. Heck yes my boy spodr
  12. We do have the addon on the server already. I'll edit it in.
  13. Yea seeing as we are on the ship most of the time, it would make sense for STs to have clean armour
  14. I never said the server has to be completely lore friendly, I was just making the point that it would be more accurate on the timeline. That isn't the main point anyway, I just like the way ANH stormtroopers look P.S: I thought inquisitors were around the pre - Rouge One time
  15. I personally think that we should use the ANH stormtrooper model, simply because the helmet looks a lot better ( IMO ), and is also more lore-friendly, seeing as our current time line is closer to ANH than the Return of the jedi. The current one we use looks very squeezed, and a lot softer the ANH helmet. -Proposed model for all STs https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=795752378&searchtext= - Our current model ( sorry for low quality image lol ) Please consider my suggestion, Apollo.
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