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  1. So this is it. Its been almost a year now, and my time with Imperial Gaming has come to an end. There were good times, and bad ones too, but i must thank you all for making my time on the server enjoyable. I will now be officially leaving both the staff team and the community. Regards, Apollo <3.
  2. Please Jack, don't make a forums post regarding the regiment before talking to your Commander ( me ). Never seen this myself, as pilots have a strict procedure they must follow when taking off for any kind of transport. Maybe you had a non-pilot flying. In fact, the dropships are physically incapable of inverted flight. However if you do have an issue with pilots behaviour or the way they conduct themselves when i am not around, please come to me about it so i can address it properly. Edit: Also go easy on Jack, he is younger than most on
  3. Aahahahahahaha true
  4. wait killed it as in a good thing or
  5. Never heard of you. Welcome
  6. It's already on the server
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