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  1. Wtf calm down m8 its just a game and its true no need to get mad
  2. Why are u sad i mean you left the community too and hes likely to join you too over at that other server
  3. +1 because he addressed it and was nice about it. +1 because he didn't whine and took the feedback and what I believed in and responded with a proper rebuttal. +1 because he proved me wrong. +1 expanded my view on it. EDIT: oh and he actually wants to be EM not just because he feels that HE HAS TO.
  4. Well he did say he was doing because people were leaving and that's not what I want to hear. I want to hear him say he wants to do it because he wants to, otherwise it doesn't prove to me it motivates him to do the job. I understand he's been staff before, idk how his events were like before or why he left so I can't really say so much however from that example event he's given it looks basically like the generic get back this and that. BTW If you want to (like others have said before) not argue on someone's app, PM me and I'll provide more answers to more of your questions or stat
  5. -1 Because I believe he's only applying just because people are leaving not because he wants to be an EM and benefit with any creative events. I'd rather much love a person that actually wanted to be an EM not just because they feel that they have to because people are leaving therefore doing a poor job. I want to see an event that's not more a "oh invasion get these areas back again", I want creativity. All these events are basically reskins on the ones done before.
  6. -1 You’ll find it difficult as you said and you’re just applying because people resigned as you said. Don’t apply unless you feel ready for it not just because you are frustrated by the fact a few people left.
  7. I didn’t jump to a conclusion? I asked a simple question no need to go turtle shell defensive mode m8. I mean you did say it looked like a difficult job to you...
  8. oh I thought u were doing the 1/2
  9. I'm guessing you've failed the subject?
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