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    Saw this coming. Best of luck mate. o7
  2. Sell your soul to me and I'll return the favour. I love the sound of this project
  3. We love you Kosmos. Thank you for all giving us this opportunity to come together and make unforgettable memories.
  4. It is an honour and a pleasure. In that same vein, in 2017 I remember congratulating @Rooster for an amazing event and walked up to the stage to order everyone to salute him for his creativity and the effort he put into his event. He actually had to pause during this speech to regain his composure as I had made him cry. I wouldn't say that's my favourite memory, but it's definitely a very distinct one, and Cure definitely helped me remember it. I've had so many amazing experiences on this server I couldn't list any of them individually right now. It would be unfair to pick one as a f
  5. I fondly remember Imperial Gaming in 2017. Before the big split, before a bunch of OGs resigned, all that kind of stuff. It was special watching the server grow and mature along with you and see it reach (what I think) was its peak in late 2017. There was so much new stuff being introduced and expanded upon. MHC Secretaries and Generals being all the rage, non-canon regiments, PAC3, Advertising Team, a bunch of Sith regiments, Rishi Moon, the old Star Destroyer. The server became truly one-of-a-kind, and everything I had just mentioned was being worked on all at the same time and with the same
  6. I remember playing on a Star Wars RP server way back when I first got Gmod in about 2015(?) and I got the position of Inquisitor but stopped playing Gmod when my irl mates stopped playing DarkRP. Hopped onto Gmod in January of 2017 wondering if that old community was still there (don't remember a thing about it now) and funnily enough I thought Imperial Gaming was the name of that community. Oh boy was I wrong. And the rest is history. First screenshot I took on Imperial Gaming on January 7th, 2017. I've probably shared this picture a few too many times...
  7. This is chillingly good, there are so many good connections between all the trilogies and it's edited so convincingly. I really hope something like this comes true in the film, it would answer so many questions. It would truly be the rise of Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One. Thoughts?
  8. (warning, very much tooting my own horn here, please be advised) If I get into this, I'd be making Imperial Gaming history. I would be the first non-staff player to concurrently play not one, not two, but three characters: Moff Abran Balfour, Moff Quarsh Panaka, and hopefully this new character. (horns have been tooted, read on) Excited to see where this Initiative leads, this is definitely the spice events have needed in a while: reliable, realistic, and recurring event characters that we don't instantly feel like shooting when we see them on the ship or comms. Maybe make a sep
  9. My childhood's Tik Tok was a banger song by a talented artist instead of some discount Vine.
  10. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed at the reveal of some Dark Side Rey with some stupidly designed lightsaber. It means that in the actual movie, she won't turn to the Dark Side and will remain a pure Jedi despite her constant display of emotion and passion and very close connection with Kylo Ren. Her actually turning to the Dark Side is the spice her character needs. It's like Disney is spoon feeding us expectations that we all full well know will be subverted. That's been the trend since The Last Jedi, and while I personally like the direction that film went with juking the audien
  11. This is grit Star Wars has always needed. Ever since the Clone Wars series ended, I've craved for a series which can appeal to a larger audience rather than just kids, because all violence and storytelling is dumbed down for them. This is that series, and I'm so Goddamn excited.
  12. This hurts. This really hurts. o7 Cya man.
  13. I would love it if the droid was a spoof of a player and sent out actual comms messages to engineers to come and fix it when breaks down or to all personnel when it's spawned or despawned. Example: "(COMMS) Healing Droid: [ALL] Hello! Healing Droid #### reporting for duty!" *used when the droid spawns "(COMMS) Healing Droid: [ENG] Alert! I require assistance! I am located at [insert location here]!" *the droid could travel to set nodes around the ship which it can use to plot its location when it sends out a comms. "(COMMS) Healing Droid: [ALL] Alert! I am returning to my termin
  14. I think a standard thing we could implement is whenever the Star Destroyer is located in an asteroid field, by a wrecked Star Destroyer, by Ilum or any other planet or in (in-RP) uncontrolled deep space territory, the DEFCON should be raised to IV. Since in those cases we're a single Star Destroyer in an uncontrolled environment, everybody aboard should be ready to respond any surprise attack (especially around asteroids as enemies could potentially hide behind the asteroids). When the Star Destroyer is in controlled space, with the Seventh Fleet, or by the Death Star, there is of course
  15. 53 to upper bay door 517 to scanner control 316 report to control This is hella sick, can't wait to play on a Death Star I can actually navigate around. Thanks Gusky
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