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  1. Don't cut yourself on that edge. This is honestly one of the worst threads on this entire forum.
  2. N-1 Starfighter as well, what's the deal with all the Clone Wars era stuff? I'm definitely not complaining though, we get to see all the prequel stuff in sweet modern CGI.
  3. o7 Goodbye my favourite walking identity crisis.
  4. This is being edgy for the sake of being edgy. On top of that, it's a bad attempt at being edgy.
  5. Definitely not a Raider II-class corvette, and the Corvus crashed onto Vardos during the Battlefront II Resurrection campaign, which takes place during the events of The Force Awakens.
  6. How do you discover new music? They're usually hit or miss tactics and I kind of go through bursts of discovering and liking new and different kinds of music. I'm also more of a person who listens to music in the background most of the time, but I still love jamming out to songs when I can. The ChilledCow lofi stream allows me to find really, believe it or not, chill lofi music and talented artists. (my top pick of lofi artists right now are Kupla, kudasai, j'san, Philanthrope, Sleepy Fish, DLJ, idealism) In relation, synthwave and vapourwave really go hand-in-h
  7. You are 100% true. I wish The Sims 3 ran better though. I would write a list about what I'd want in The Sims 5 but that'd make me appear to be more of a Sims nerd than I'd like to appear.
  8. The Sims 2 on PC. It would've been 2004 and my older sister (who was 14/15 at the time) had recently gotten the game to play on her chunky beige white computer with pink stickers. Little 4 year old me walked into my sister's room and asked what she was playing and she let me watch her create a Sim, furnish a house and play around for a bit. I distinctly remember looking at the map view of the neighbourhood and being amazed for whatever reason. I asked her if I could play and she said no for now but said I could play the next day. I remember going to sleep super excited and nervous, but sa

    Sith News

    I'm cancelling my video series due to never being able to match the quality of this. Seriously, Aftermath isn't happening anymore (at least not in video/series form). Good job my dudes, this was amazing.
  10. I wasn't aware you could leave one part of the staff team and join another part without reapplying for the position... like you usually would/should...
  11. What a ridiculous machine. I'll take it.
  12. This is snitching on a whole other level. Good job Eclipse (and gang), this is genius level work.
  13. The edit function is pretty lit, given that I edit nearly every single one of my posts after I post them smh this one included
  14. Battlefront II: Crash debris (particularly from the crashed Rebel Corvette and Star Destroyers) from the Death Star II interior, Death Star II Starfighter Assault map and Battle of Jakku campaign map Storm Trooper helmet and chestplate from the Death Star II, including shelving space. Disassembled TIE Fighters and storage units from the Death Star II hangars The Corvus (Raider II-class Corvette) - the one we have right now is not an up-to-date version Heaps of props and junk in Mos Eisley and Jabba's Palace (junkyard, droid shop, cantina, street, food and drinks,
  15. This reminds me, I need to write more about my characters... haven't added to the Scheff lore in a while now
  16. o7 Thanks for the tag, it means a lot and I can definitely say the same about you. Have a good one!
  17. SCHEFF

    The empire strikes

    The lighting on the vehicles in the background could be better, but otherwise very cool poster. Kill those dirty Rebel scum!
  18. Sign me up! Expect to hear some amazing death (constipation) sounds, ultra immersive.
  19. My playlist consists of mainly lofi and a few 2000s and early 2010s bops spread in between for some variety. Honestly the ChilledCow lofi stream is all I need to get me through a tough day. Best thing is there's no ads between music! However, I do have a few that may fit your taste. In saying that, I've realised I desperately need to update my playlist my taste in music has massively shifted over the years. May not fit your bill exactly but if you look at songs from the same artists I've listed here, there should be some decent finds. Just wanted to put in my two cents. Good
  20. I'd love a change to the thirdperson system, but this addon you're showing off in particular seems even more limited than Simple Thirdperson and isn't exactly easier to use. I've suggested this addon in the past to the Content Team and I think this would be a really good way to implement thirdperson into the server in a way that suits our gamemode as well as possibly increase the use of tactics with the use of the wall interaction that the addon offers. This addon could also be used on SantosRP as seen with the integration with vehicles. Enhanced Thirdperson
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