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  1. bruh look at this unaltered dude (this took 3 reshoots to fix) Thank you so much for your votes and the support, you're all legends, brothers and sisters. I love and appreciate all of you; you're family. Here's to another three years. /me raises tea cup p.s. enjoy the tequila choccy milk @Bailey, drink's on the house for your hard work and high blood pressure
  2. The above opinion is not constructive criticism. I would like to provide some which can help you. Some backstory behind and lead up to this identity theft would be appreciated. It appears to be an event which just happens and tears down all of the writing that comes before it very abruptly, which is not easy to read. You've over-described the protagonist's average intelligence rather than delving into this identity theft the character is faced with and the jump he takes. Overall, good potential, but the overly emphasised Japanese vibe is confusing for a Star Wars story and there nee
  3. Many memories have been made, all of which will last forever. Fat salute to this Splonter. o7
  4. This definitely was the highlight of my day. These guys are a shining example of some of the Bureau's brightest agents. No other regiment can hold a candle to their brilliance.
  5. /me sips tea anxiously Epic! Is it possible to keep PAC enabled this time for the photo shoot? Was a huge bummer last time when we couldn't have PACs visible.
  6. I'mma save my credits for the Rise of Skywalker skins, plus I can buy crystals for the skins I do want at a cheaper price. You can fit only so many emotes into the emote wheel and can use only one victory pose for each class/hero.

    Messing With Tinky

    We need a Tinky Discord emote and forum emote
  8. I'm gonna miss our red and black boys from all the way back in 2017 and the great Storm Marines... (if you get this joke you are eligible for a veteran's discount)
  9. The Imperial logo to the sleeves of uniforms would be an easy but immersion increasing addition. It's even shown in the templates. Some red medic symbols to the Medics would help them stand out better, not needing to rely on just the pauldron. This is a canon logo design. Also it might be a cool idea to add stripes on trooper helmets and shoulder pads which are the same colour as the pauldron they would wear at that rank. Other regiments that don't have white armour could probably not benefit from this but it would be cool seeing Stormtroopers walking around with another marking
  10. The only IG merch I'd get would be an IG tea/coffee cup (which we did actually sell back in the day)
  11. Name: SCHEFF Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/scheffinator/ Server Playtime: 15+ weeks Why do you want to receive a copy of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?: Even though I already pre-ordered and own the game, I want to be able to give it a friend who is also a big Star Wars fan.
  12. Updated my profile and I'm now #114. This is scary...
  13. Speaking of merch, we should totally get a light blue Imperial Gaming themed skin which is exorbitantly expensive and automatically given to staff.
  14. He's back at it again with the skins! I've got a few ideas for a retrowave theme. These wallpapers by Aenami can also provide a great basis for some painted artistic designs with a mellow, relaxing feel. You're doing the community proud. Can't wait to see what the options are!
  15. Another amazing update by our lord and saviour. Love that the destructible shield domes are coming back; that's a solid hit of nostalgia. The new security deck and recruit room definitely look like they'll need some getting used to, but I'm very sure their changes will be beneficial in the long run. The changes to the reactor will also make the regular "run to the reactor and turn it off and shoot" events a little less stale and include more variety in roleplay. What would we do without Lord Trilobite?
  16. @Guskywalker Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Lord Trilobite stated a while ago somewhere that dynamic/changeable lighting is not possible within the limits of the Hammer Editor, at least for a map as bloated as rp_stardestroyer. However, the fact that KingPommes managed to include changeable lighting states in rp_venator and (I believe) rp_deathstar leads me to believe that if Lord Trilobite rebuilt the map from scratch, he would have room to include a lot more. Keep in mind the map is more than six years old at this point. Also keep in mind I've never touched Hammer Editor in my l
  17. Ya'll are forgetting salami, bacon and eggs with tomato sauce or cheese. That sh*t is bomb in a toastie. #900th post
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