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  1. Now I don't usually -1 PAC applications, but when the applicant downvotes a user's negative support on an application, that really grinds my gears. @pinejack doesn't deserve that amount of punishment for his opinion.


    Some of the most basic PAC examples I've ever seen. I am hopeful you will improve over time, but the examples you currently feature are either 1. hardly noticeable, 2. unusable on the server and 3. low quality/effort. The justifications for the changes you've made are of decent quality and show off your writing capability, which is important in this application. However, they are disproportionately better than the examples that they feature alongside.

    I recommend you continue experimenting in PAC and work toward making more bold and noticeable changes. It might be helpful to look at previously accepted applications for inspiration. I also recommend not downvoting negative support, it makes you seem entitled and it is a toxic attitude to have.

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  2. This new HUD and ammo drop system takes me back to the old DarkRP system the server used when we first started. 16 year old me would be very proud of how far we'd come as a community and as a server.

    Also, new PAC3 content! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Tier 3 applications please

    Amazing work guys, this is the best and most hype changelog yet, and this gives me so much faith in our development team. Can't wait for more.

    Is there a way we can see what old content we can unsubscribe from btw?

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  3. Spoiler

    I have too much to say about this episode; it was beyond perfect. When the flash forward with Darth Vader happened, I started sobbing painfully. It was too perfect, too impactful, too tragic for me to handle.

    In a way, Vader has a short, private moment with Ahsoka. He grasps her lightsaber gently and ignites it with no feeling of anger. The way he looks up and reflects on what has happened is so emotional; he is guilty and regretful. It's like we can almost see through the red lenses of his beautifully animated helmet.
    Seeing Vader hold a blue lightsaber, especially Ahsoka's, reminds us that Anakin is still inside somewhere; he was possibly bubbling to the surface at that point. That was such a poignant moment for me, so much so I'm going to make it my wallpaper. This is one of my favourite Anakin/Vader moments.
    I somewhat expected him to crush the lightsaber in his hand and destroy it, but I am beyond happy that he decides to just turn it off and keep it for himself; a little private reminder of his past life that he now has total control over.

    I couldn't think of a better way to end the series, and it was totally unexpected to me. As soon as I saw that Lambda and Stormtroopers, I couldn't contain my emotions anymore. The series is now truly complete, and wraps everything together perfectly. The Rise of Skywalker could never.



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