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  1. The legendary show is back. I'm so fucking happy.
  2. Don't you be getting too mushy on me Mister. great backstory it's very very good
  3. Solid Chief of Staff. You'll be sorely missed, nerd. o7
  4. IG clothes and cups? I want to have my tea with official IG merch
  5. Another veteran bites the course, rough and irritating dust. You've been here since the start and it's such a massive weight on my heart to see you go. I've always looked up at you at how to lead as well as how to chill out and be a cool dude. But you've made the right decision leaving now, Year 12 is all work, little play. I wish I had realised that when I was in Year 12. Safe studies my friend, wish you all the best with school and I hope we see you again. o7

    That Was Close!

    "That was too close! You were almost a Jill B. Iroh sandwich."
  7. This was my reaction upon seeing this post. You deserve a veteran's discount you old cracker.
  8. *Titan base replaces ISD* /me begins writing resignation post
  9. Phat o7 to you mate, so very proud of you and honoured to have called you a good mate for such a long time. You gotta learn how to do PAC though at some point dude, jeez (I kid ofc)
  10. Love you dude. I hope that as one big family, we all can support, love and cherish each other; to lose a brother or sister from a family even as big as Imperial Gaming's would be utterly heartbreaking. I say this to not just you Helsing, but to everyone reading this. If you need help, seek it. Even if you believe that your problems mean nothing or are trivial compared to others (which is a lie everyone tells themselves), at least seek counsel or advice. Having at least a small amount of new information is more beneficial than being stuck in the dark, blind and stagnant. Keep safe.
  11. Very cool website, but information from Legends and even well-established Canon planets such as Ilum are not included within the database. If you wish to visit any planets or systems not listed in Canon, you're out of luck. Could definitely see a lot of use out of this though.
  12. This hurts me very deeply and emotionally...
  13. i've already paid for your choccy milk don't try to extort others smh
  14. Another year of not leaving Government and probably turning down the promotion to Grand Moff many times Gonna continue being a PAC God and will gladly help others with their PACs (or make PACs for people when they don't know anything about it *cough* @Corvo *cough*) I need to seriously get a life. I've had thoughts of leaving, as you do when you feel a bit down about life, but I know I've still got plenty of memories to make here and time to spend with friends, and that's worth staying.
  15. Another veteran bites the dust. Good luck man, you're the best trooper, trainer and soldier the server has ever had. All military should look up to you as an example of how to act.
  16. That moment when my stupid character RP that I've kept going on with for two years evolves into a civil war...
  17. This is sensitive information. I am contacting ISB immediately.
  18. SCHEFF

    IG Awards Show

    You cut out my Sterling diss, I'm extremely disappointed Nice work dude! You're the GOAT of video production for the server right now, keep it up.
  19. bruh look at this unaltered dude (this took 3 reshoots to fix) Thank you so much for your votes and the support, you're all legends, brothers and sisters. I love and appreciate all of you; you're family. Here's to another three years. /me raises tea cup p.s. enjoy the tequila choccy milk @Bailey, drink's on the house for your hard work and high blood pressure
  20. The above opinion is not constructive criticism. I would like to provide some which can help you. Some backstory behind and lead up to this identity theft would be appreciated. It appears to be an event which just happens and tears down all of the writing that comes before it very abruptly, which is not easy to read. You've over-described the protagonist's average intelligence rather than delving into this identity theft the character is faced with and the jump he takes. Overall, good potential, but the overly emphasised Japanese vibe is confusing for a Star Wars story and there nee
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