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  1. 1 hour ago, wflizzi said:


    On this same note, I treat all EC/transfer Generals like shit since they nearly always fuck the ship up with every mission they force us to go on


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  2. 18 hours ago, Mongo said:

    The First Incident I have had recently with Pickle was a few weeks back, Myself and @SCHEFF were doing PAC on the server and wishing to be left alone. Pickle came up to us several times with an I7 Ion Disruptor and kept killing us, Despite our wishes to be left alone. Given it was under 20 players, however we were actually trying to do something and we had asked several times to be left alone and our wishes were not met

    While I have no evidence of the incident, I can definitely recall the amount of times Mongo and I died due to Pickle indiscriminately shooting ion disruptors at everyone on the third floor, which is probably over five or six times.

    Mongo and I were discussing PAC while at the bridge elevator, holotable and later mess hall and, without provocation, Pickle came up to us, sometimes invisible and in noclip, and shot us with an ion disruptor, killing us instantly. It was obvious that we were discussing PAC (something productive) and not participating in shooting that other players were doing. It was frustrating to the point we were forced to camp out at the mess hall, and after being killed there, we had to move to the Death Star. Shortly after that point, both of us were too 'out-of-the-zone' to discuss PAC further and left the server.
    I remember one player remarking on our complaints to Pickle, saying "Why don't you just go on singleplayer for PAC? It'll be less distracting." To that player: no. Mongo and I, or other players for that matter, should not be forced to leave the server in order to discuss and create PACs - that is absurd.

    What Pickle did was frustrating and unacceptable, and while I have not seen any repeat of this situation, in-game at least, I know he freely RDMs during soft-rp, not caring what players are doing or feeling, even went complained to.
    Pickle is a better person than this, but he is definitely untrustworthy with staff powers as he currently wields them. I recommend a probation period.


    These pictures were taken on the same night of the incident in question. Pickle set himself to a high-ranking Shock Trooper (unsure of what rank it was, was probably a mistake) and then to Emperor. He then KOS'd everyone in order comms.


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  3. Steam Name: [IG] SCHEFF

    SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:58980244

    Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078226216

    In Game Name: Sous Scheff

    Time Played (Evidence Required): Been a community member since January 7th, 2017. Probably have close to 20 weeks of playtime


    Have you had any warns (If so state them)?: I have one warn.

    November 21st, 2018, ~8:00pm - I was warned for killing a mingey player who had just been set back to recruit. Was immediately warned by Wolf without prior warning or being pulled into a sit. (he had been having a bad day)


    Have you had any bans (If so state them)?: None

    Why do you want to join the Media Team?

    I wish to join the Media Team as I enjoyed being a part of the Advertisement Team and later the Media Team back in 2017 and 2018. I contributed to a lot of scripts that were in development as a writer, despite not many projects coming to fruition.
    I have always had a creative vision and passion for writing, which is evident in my various character backstories and my deeply established, thought-out roleplay and characters on the server.
    I currently study a Bachelor of Media Arts at university. I have learnt a lot of useful, high-level skills in media production, specifically in editing, that, I believe, would greatly benefit the Media Team.

    What asset in the media team do you wish to prioritise (FIlmer, Editor, Set Designer etc)?:

    Editor and Writer

    Do you have any evidence of your work?:

    • Imperial Gaming Christmas Special 2018 - script co-written by many for the first major short film made by the Media Team. Unfortunately, the video files were stolen by the editor and it was never finished.
    • Pilots Trailer - finished but ultimately undeveloped script made for the Media Team back in January, 2018. I contributed to this script alongside other members of the community.
    • Lost on Campus -  script for a short film made for the Screen Productions Techniques B subject at university. I was the main script and screenplay writer. However, I don't have a copy of the final product to show.
    • To Pop my Final Balloon - short film created for the Screen Production Techniques B subject at university. I wrote a portion of the screenplay, compiled post-processed scenes in editing and recorded and edited sound.
    • Grand Budapest Hotel Video Essay - video essay created for the Film Form & Analysis subject at university. I created this essay utilising scenes and music from the film, as well as voiceover (with a shitty mic).

    Do you intend to utilise the Imperial Press Corps role on the server? If so, what do you plan on doing as the role?:

    Playing as a member of the Press Corps has produced interesting roleplay in the past, but it was ultimately undeveloped and mostly aimless. I would not know how to utilise the role on the server until the new Media Team has been established. My duties will most likely be delegated to more behind-the-scenes, as is expected of editors and writers.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Delta said:

    Military Advisory Council 

     (Similar to IHCA)

    5 man group of Individuals Capped at the rank of Colonel (Cl4) 
    The role of these 5 is to provide a Advice and Give orders based from AHC or NHC 
    advice can be combat tactics or plans of a attack 

    Let's not have a regiment capped at High Colonel ever again please.

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  5. Let me give a perspective and criticism from somebody who hasn't been in an army regiment since early/mid 2019.

    Despite the notable work AHC have put into incentivising army regiment roleplay, they cannot get past each army regiment's most basic purpose of existence: to shoot and kill. This was the most basic but most impactful issue I had to work around in Government, as its primary purpose was to do clearance tests - a monotonous, repetitive purpose for a regiment to exist, and yet it was required for Government to function. Government died due to the realisation that its primary purpose was boring and that moving to any other regiment would be better for roleplay, fun and one's self-integrity.
    I would not be surprised if many members of army regiments, especially more basic ones without an established and/or relevant role, would feel the same about their primary purpose of existence. At the very core, many army regiments are basically reskins of each other with a different gun here and there, all tasked to do the same thing: shoot, kill, win - on and on and on.

    Legions were a fantastic addition by AHC at first as it brought many regiments closer together and incentivised interdependent roleplay and purpose. However, the only legion with any notable record of success and cohesion as regiments have been the 501st Legion, given the established background and roles of Vader's Fist, Imperial Commandos, Storm Commandos and the legion itself. Other legions group regiments together in almost a contrived way that do not often succeed in establishing a group role for and purpose of the regiments involved, which has led to disillusion and boredom.

    Officer regiments, such as ISB and Navy, have always been an option, but not everybody is wired to type ten essays' worth of words every day for roleplay purposes. This is where the idea of non-army shooting regiments, that have not been cobbled together through contrivance, stand out and thrive due 1. their established lore, role and purpose, 2. separation from the "shoot, kill, win" goals of the army and 3. commanders and supervisors who can cater roleplay to a specific organisation instead of worrying about the masses.
    -  Death Troopers are attached to Imperial Intelligence, an entirely separate entity from the rest of the server, and yet involve themselves in many other organisations.
    -  Purge Troopers are attached to saber-wielding Inquisitors, which creates an interesting contrast when it comes to roleplay and combat.
    -  CompForce are attached to the Imperial Security Bureau who specialise in both agent and trooper roleplay while in COMPNOR.

    Issues in the army are including, but not limited to:
    -  Legions existing through contrivance when the 501st Legion was the only legion that needed to exist (which was the way that it was from the server's inception).
    -  The complete lack of training and consequence when dealing with hostages (or any situation involving heavy, pressured roleplay), leading to the deaths of the hostages 90% of the time.
    -  The lack of properly justifying the individuality of regiments outside of a different skin, guns and written purpose. Many regiments have the same purpose and many have niche purposes (that are often nullified in events, an example being Shadow's cloak being seen through in the Moff Owen hostage event) that are brought up in roleplay once in a blue moon (bomb defusals, stealth, sniping, scouting, flamethrowing, etc).
    -  Regiment slots being nerfed, leading to chokepoints in ranks.
    -  Overworking and the burning out of members of regimental and army command due to COVID and the above problems.

    What can we do to fix, or at least alleviate, some of these problems?
    1.  The scrubbing of legions (apart from the 501st Legion) would streamline each regiment's roleplay as it would allow more free development of the regiment's purpose. Each AHC General could still be assigned to individual regiments and aid in adding more specialised roleplay rather than roleplay for the legion as a whole.
    2.  Better training for handling highly pressured situations would help in reducing loose triggers that ruin the situation for everyone. Hostage situations requiring intense railroading by EMs to even have a chance to succeed is not acceptable and only highlights the "shoot, kill, win" nature of the army.
    3.  Returning slots to their original amount to give regiments more chance to grow and progress instead of waiting for a spike in player population.
    4.  Bonus: Adding a Stormtrooper recruit rank which set before Private, giving recruits a choice to remain in the Stormtroopers or move to another regiment. This helps the Stormtroopers evolve from simply being the default regiment all recruits join, regardless of the quality of the individual. The addition of a special ops sub-regiment like Widow Squad could also help this.

    We also just have to wait. COVID isn't going away any time soon but hopefully it should let up by the end of the year, allowing for a fresh start for the server's fourth anniversary. Burnout will continue to happen in all regiments until things can return to normal. There's always room for improvement, and the proposals here could help alleviate many of the issues plaguing the army.

    Also, not all issues with the army are AHC's fault. There are issues regarding events, among other things, that have a notable impact on army roleplay and quality. Events are railroaded to a significant degree, meaning AHC and other command are usually tacked on for the ride when given a situation to deal with. These are issues I'd love to touch on but this isn't the thread for that.

    TL;DR there isn't any, read the whole thing please.

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  6. 20 hours ago, Kristofer said:

    Many forget that this server is a role-play server. That means every single RP action we take will result in some sort of RP reaction. If you mess up and face RP consequences, don't immediately take it to a staff sit because it's all RP.

    To add on this: For the record, I will openly insult other players and put them down because my character is a dick, not because I don't like you as a real person. In an RP sense, it makes sense to shit on other people in-universe, not out; this includes policing and handing out in-RP consequences. This is because we are members of the Empire, which is (from the movies' point-of-view) an evil dictatorship built on competition and survival of the fittest, as well as order, segregation and conditioning.

    Just because you might not like how certain regiments or people operate in their respective roles doesn't mean you can shit on their roleplay and take it out-of-character. That is just a cop-out and ruins the potential development of roleplay. Let it play out, keep your head up, and remember that it is all a game and how we act as our characters doesn't necessarily represent who we are as real people.

    In saying that, if you're a person who takes out their real life anger and god complex and deliberately act malicious against your fellow players, I have no problem with you being punished in and out of character. There's nothing worse than an actual brat actively trying to kill the vibe.

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  7. This is the most distressing police brutality video I've ever seen. I'm literally shaking and crying... how could they commit such cold atrocities against an innocent Imperial citizen?

    Reminds me of another very sad video...


  8. While this is a decent addition, it definitely destroys my muscle memory of being able to love and upvote posts quickly; have to move my mouse 100 lightyears to do that now. It reminds me of when Facebook added the care react, killing my ability to quickly laugh react posts. The ordering seems is very haphazard and could be improved to better group positive, negative and neutral reactions together. Unless some sort of arbitrary rule is introduced to ban the use of upvotes and downvotes on the kinds of posts you listed, being able to directly change someone else's reputation as a response to their post is infinitely more powerful.

    The reputation system doesn't promote quality posts, it promotes quantity. It allows people with lots of friends and connections to gather a large reputation, which is a very effective way to stroke one's ego. I've fallen into this trap many times; posting utter shit and controversy knowing I could somewhat get away with it since I have a high number next to my name.

    I personally believe the reputation system should be replaced with a rewards system. These awards could be manually judged by forum moderators and awarded monthly for socialising with the community, voting on applications and overall contributing quality posts to the forums. It would fall in line how we award medals on the server.

    Just to be clear, I don't want this post to appear as an attack on any individuals or group of people on the forums, I'm basing it off my experiences both with myself and what I've seen generally on the forums over the years. Some people fall into the behavioral habits I've listed here, some people don't. I'm speaking in broad strokes.

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