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    Empire Day 2020

    Sorry, not sorry
  3. This new HUD and ammo drop system takes me back to the old DarkRP system the server used when we first started. 16 year old me would be very proud of how far we'd come as a community and as a server. Also, new PAC3 content! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Tier 3 applications please Amazing work guys, this is the best and most hype changelog yet, and this gives me so much faith in our development team. Can't wait for more. Is there a way we can see what old content we can unsubscribe from btw?
  4. Sure, you're the new General's Representative
  5. I was the Rebel at 2:06. I also believe I was the Stormtrooper closest to the camera at 3:45 and the Stormtrooper with a rocket launcher near the end. I have fond memories of this trailer and I remember seeing the super rough version ages ago. I miss those days... Thank you for preserving history Demonic
  6. This is Skyrim + Assassin's Creed Defs getting this
  7. Don't grief my shittily built towns Name: Noodleman137
  8. Reminds me of the time I named a Age of Empires III city Glasgow without knowing it was a city in Scotland. Young me was stupid (or secretly smart )
  9. In the next episode of Dragonball Z...
  10. I'mma grow the broadest shoulders imaginable and give you the manliest salute I can give, because that's what the manliest man on the server deserves. o7 What an absolute unit. Best of luck.
  11. There are commands which make it compatible with Simple Third Person as well as increase and decrease the effects of movements. It's very modular.
  12. A solid o7for my PAC brother I wish you all the best dude, I don't think there's much more I could say than that. Safe travels, for both you and your brother.
  13. As others have said, the Climb SWEP itself is inherently immersion-breaking. Your character does not have any animation to show them vaulting up a wall, nor does it make sense to be able to climb nearly any vertical surface. A way we could rectify this issue in the future is to remove the Climb SWEP and replace it with a more robust parkour system. A parkour system such as SaVav's Parkour Mod would be a better alternative as it has a much steeper learning curve, meaning regiments and personnel that can master it should deserve to traverse the map in different ways. If we were looking to s
  14. As someone who has played on this server for 3 years... NO. If I wanna break my legs falling down an elevator, I will. If I wanna avoid mingy players from repeatedly pressing the elevator button, I will. I have better things to do than wait for elevator abuse.
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