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  1. 2 hours ago, pinejack said:

    -1 These are good but it is not worth adding 40mB of addons to the server just for the recruits

    Fair. I'm also saying it could be possible for these models to be used in events and whatnot.

    Perhaps, a separate addon could be made with just the regular Stormtrooper armour and made into a server content addon or something. I don't know how to personally do that though.

  2. As suggested by @Cody, I'm moving my suggestion for a new, simple recruit model to a separate thread.

    It's basically a Stormtrooper but with their helmet off. It's a simple, not-outstanding change that still can easily and immediately differentiate a Stormtrooper from a Recruit.


    Apart from regular Stormtrooper armour, some other trooper armour is selectable without the helmet. Could be used in events and whatever else anybody suggests also.

  3. 1 hour ago, Misunderstood Woofer said:

    if DT want to be helpful maybe guard so we can respond to arrest requests? only escorting people forces us to have to guard instead of responding to threats. Maybe if you want tasers first learn how to guard. <3
    Also, the current status of shock was dead at the time of the post but you need to understand it spent not even a week without members it spent like 5 days and you wrote a post. If you really have a problem with shocks activity join up and do some work.


    I'm not liking your passive aggressiveness here Mist.

    DT are more than adequate when it comes to guarding, I try to have troops stationed at the C-Block entrance whenever we're not patrolling or escorting three of the biggest leagues on the server RP and staff wise. Might I add that the decision that DT were to be involved in escorting more people than previously was not mine, or even Ridge's for that matter. And even when are escorting, we find ourselves guarding the conference room, reactor room, offices, doorways, brig and the lot; actually quite effectively, but you just don't see it.

    At the time that the post was written Shock was dead and even now the numbers of Shock are disconcertingly low. I understand the amount of work that Imposing, Maxine and others are doing to get Shock back up to speed and I appreciate that work, but I'm just stating there are less Shock than DT at the moment, making tazers for DT still a viable option.

    Again, there wasn't a real need for passive aggressiveness here, Mist. I'm speaking on behalf of Bearmax and as a higher up from DT.

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  4. -1 I respect you dude and it's great to see you back, but it's true what everybody has said. You gotta settle into the community after your absence, there are new players to get to know; most players know the staff of this server really well, so becoming mod again out of the blue would cause a disconnect between you and the new players. Spend some time with the players and the community again and it'd be more appropriate to apply for mod then. Also yeah, your application isn't as detailed as a lot of other mod applications, gotta work on that

    However, good luck in advance. Again, great to see you back. I also love that vintage pic you attached ;) .

  5. Neutral this is a good suggestion and tbh this ordering of the hierarchy and each rank's powers and authority seems like it could work and be a good replacement, if it could replaced. The thing is, it's really hard to implement large systems like this and even harder to change existing systems. I would love this suggestion to be discussed about with staff and the developers, it could create a more immersive, realistic and overall different experience to the server.

    My only pet peeve is that ISB shouldn't comply to the Imperial Army at any time,  as the ISB are (RP) more involved in Navy operations, security and intelligence and (OOC) more passive RP. 

  6. +1 This is something that definitely needs to happen now especially since Shock aren't really a thing at the moment. DT getting tazers has been discussed for absolutely ages but was ultimately disagreed upon because it would supposedly "ruin Shock's job". But now that there's no Shock, I think that obstacle has been removed. #tazersfordt

  7. You could have a permanent guard station at the doors leading into the temple like with the bridge entrance on the Star Destroyer. Instead of Shock guarding, Knights of Zakuul, Shadow/Royal Guards or a highly trusted trooper regiment could guard.

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  8. Why did something like this have to be posted and still remain in a public forum detailing an important topic about the server's change and growth?

    Could this post be restarted or all non-relevant posts be deleted? Not to start another argument but this isn't particularly putting the server in a good light.

  9. Tonight's Chef's Special is his introduction, which is what he's about to dish out to all the good customers and consumers of this establishment.

    Many greetings, I am Chef. I reign from South Australia and am the absolute power in all things culinary (i.e. I can /me really fast in the kitchen).I've been on the server for quite a bit now, I've managed probably close to 2 weeks of in-game playtime (including pre-reset times) but I've been around for a couple more weeks than that.

    I also have a bit of ULTRA ELITE SUPER EXCLUSIVE training in the art of being a Death Trooper. I'm second in command for the Death Troopers, being the rank of Major. I like my job: it has a purpose, you're looked up to as a (not officially) elite regiment and I'm affiliated with the operations of the ISB which has some nice RP aspects in it opposed to running and gunning all the time.

    Yeah, I'm not the most active person due to having a school and social life (*cough*Ridge*cough*) but when I am on and lagging the s**tballs out because of my crap system, I'm dedicated and determined to make the most of my time on the Destroyer.

    I love this server and its community, there's a good player base, the RP is immersive and the staff are very interactive with their customers, and I commend them for that. Hope everybody has a great day. Chef out.

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