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  1. Once I finish my Bachelor of Media Arts, I'd love to get a Bachelor of Education in probably middle-high school teaching so I can teach students how to create media and use their imagination, as well as how to write and dream.

    It's fucking cheesy but it's true

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  2. You can do a me and complain about regiments and people on the server.

    Otherwise, passive RP, whether created by our wonderful @Jman1308, an EM or yourselves, is a great way to pass time and makes the universe feel more alive (if you're into that sort of stuff). Do some housekeeping and errands for the Logistics Centre, grab some prescription pills and get a check-up at the Medical Bay, have a chat with others around the holotable. Just do things that enable a lot of talking and a lot /me's, and maybe some shooting mixed in.

    It's actually incredibly easy to create RP, but you gotta put in some thought into it.

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  3. 59 minutes ago, Auzii said:

    TBH the idea of just advancing the time line interests me as it will give new opportunities for RP and allow for different events and what not. Additionally, the idea of expansion in that form I believe is way more conceivable as the majority of the assets to advance the timeline already exist or may just need tweaking.

    I personally reckon going back in time to post-ROTS or at most 10 BBY would be cool as clones would still be around and all current lore characters would still exist. It's a better alternative than to going into the ABY era.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Twist said:
    • Adding a cooldown to Defibs
    • Upon being revived;
      • The person being revived is set to a % of their HP that is significantly close to their minimum to discourage reviving in the front lines
      • The person being revived receives a debuff for a period of time eg; Impaired/Blurry vision and or weapon inaccuracy to stop them from running out into the front lines again.
    • Bacta Grade Nerf
      • Making them have a set amount of healing that is evenly split among the people standing in it or
      • Making it a Heal over time
    7 minutes ago, LimeStrider said:

    What if it was made MT / Support take 2x damage when equipped with Defib, injector and bacta bombs. But not Stim? Encourage taking cover and supporting. 

    1 minute ago, Greyback said:

    I have also suggested in the past during my time as an EM, that the bacta grenades get replaced with the TFA Bacta Grenade, which has a gradual heal rather than instant, and also uses ammo. Not only will this balance out the 'combat healing' side of things, but will also prevent ECs from being inadvertently reset to max HP should they be too close. Medics could also get a limited supply of said grenade in addition to a cooldown to prevent them over-using it.

    Very good ideas, especially the TFA Bacta Grenade, debuff and 2x damage ^
    Here's some of my own:

    • There is a five second timer that is activated when a medic is shot or nearly hit. Within these five seconds, any attempt to use the defibrillator in that time would result in a "It is too dangerous to use the defibrillator - get to cover!" message to pop up and the defibrillator won't work. All other of the medic's tools will continue to work however.
    • There should be a chance for a bacta bomb to malfunction/blow up if a medic is shot with it out, encouraging the medic to get to safety before popping the bomb. A malfunction or premature activation of the bacta bomb in this way will not cause damage, but instead just create the bacta cloud around the medic and the grenade will vanish/explode.
    • When somebody is revived with the defibrillator, they immediately regain 5-10% of their health which naturally replenishes to 25% over a small period of time (5-10 seconds). This period of time is the 'stabilisation' phase. Stabilisation is communicated to the revived subject by the screen fading from black to normal and the revived subject cannot be healed past 25% health. A voice clip or tone will play when stabilisation has ended and the subject can be healed and stimmed as normal.
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  5. Just gonna throw in my two cents in regards to the replies. I can't say much about the main post as my experience in Army is limited/outdated.

    39 minutes ago, Binny said:

    I'm not sure what is happening with the Imperial Intelligence role in game, but I think it should all just slide under COMPNOR. 

    This removes the conflict RP aspect you noted as everyone falls under the same hierachy. To have Imperial Intelligence entirely separate to the Imperial Security Bureau and rest of COMPNOR would be a brilliant cause for drama.

    39 minutes ago, Binny said:

    Completely Cut in half COMPNOR slots, NAVY slots, Inquisitor / Purge Slots, Death Trooper Slots. (maybe 6-7 each)

    COMPNOR slots, I agree with, especially since Imperial Intelligence is now a thing (so more security agents). Cutting COMPNOR down would create an incentive to join Shock.
    Call me biased but Navy slots are completely fine as they are, given we operate many critical aspects of the ship and spread our workload out to other regiments as well as internal duties.
    I don't have a major opinion about Inquisitor/Purge slots but I will say it is a bit concerning to see half the tab menu consist of Inquisitorious because wtf are they meant to do with all those people.
    Death Trooper slots are fine considering the fact they are an entirely separate entity alongside Imperial Intelligence; they also branch out to other regiments like Navy do. If Phase Zero no longer exists, there will be no need to cut Death Trooper slots.

    36 minutes ago, Galle said:

    People in this community are sadly very power hungry and would rather control people than work with them.


    *shifts awkwardly, knowing that this is 100% correct and (unfortunately) relatable, given my experience as a Moff*

    36 minutes ago, Galle said:

    Why would a player who just joined the community want to join a regiment where their main purpose is only used in events

    I can see where this is coming from, but I believe the army has been simplified down to a point where practically all roles have a purpose on and off-ship. This argument would have way more standing 1.5-2 years ago than it does now. In saying that however, I feel particularly that EVO and Sky need a re-evaluation on their relevance on the server.
    On a side note, we need more smaller squad regiments such as the Imperial Commandos in the 501st Legion. They provide a more rigid structure in command and roleplay in otherwise broad/large legions, like the 275th and 107th legions.

    7 minutes ago, yeff said:

    As I was recently within ST's for 2 days, I can safely say that ST's are legitimately getting a fair share of RP and engagement with the server because of the efforts of STC.

    In regards to the above side note, branch out STC into Scout Troopers/Widow Squad for a more squad-based command system within the 81st Legion.


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  6. "Hey look buddy, I'm an Engineer. That means I solve problems, not problems like "What is beauty?" Because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems.

    For instance: how am I going to stop some mean mother Hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous be-hind? The answer? Use a gun... and if that don't work... use more gun. Take for instance this heavy caliber tripod mounted lil' old number designed by me, built by me, and you best hope... Not pointed at you."

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    People automatically hate "weebs" until they watch/read their first anime/manga/visual novel. It's something you have to experience and have exposure to before properly judging.

    I was very much the same until I watched my first (and unfortunately only) anime series, The Rising of the Shield Hero, back in early-mid 2019. I found the show to be very enjoyable, approachable and artistic and I can't wait for the second season that is coming out in 2021.
    I've read through DDLC (meme about it idc) and Katawa Shoujo and I found both visual novels to very emotionally fulfilling and remarkable works of art.
    Studio Ghibli and Makoto Shinkai films always reduce me to sad and happy tears and they are masterpieces in art and storytelling. They are much more engaging and emotional than most other Western films I've watched.
    A Silent Voice, while not a Ghibli or Shinkai film, is the only film to make me literally hyperventilate due to stressing over a fictional character.

    I have a whole list of films and shows I'd like to watch, but I haven't been in the mindset to watch anime ever since the second uni semester of 2019, which was when a lot of things started going downhill in terms of my physical health. As I'm starting to improve myself physically and mentally and change my priorities, I do look forward to watching anime again.

    Anime has enabled this sort of discussion for me as it somewhat gives me a marker of how I'm going in my life. I discovered and let anime (and subsequently Porter Robinson, my idol) into my life when I needed it and it allows me to grasp at something when I've got nothing else to compare myself to. It's hard to explain in any sort of meaningful or understandable way, but it's a medium that has definitely shaped me over the last two years, even despite my lack of exposure to it.

    While I don't have any anime art on my Steam profile, I've made sure to include a quote from the Shinkai film, Five Centimeters per Second.
    “He’s always looking past me, at something far off in the distance. And he’ll never look at me. Not ever.”
    It is a quote that has much deeper subtext than one might initially suspect, and in the context of the film, it is profoundly sad. I couldn't even begin to explain why this quote personally relates to me on a deeply emotional level.

    Anime is a medium of entertainment, but I've more so found it to be a way to express, feel and control emotions, something I often struggle to relate to with Western media and in life in general. As well as its emotional aspect, anime is a craft that produces works of arts. Jaw-dropping scenery, beautiful characters you can place yourself in and a world that is engaging.
    Everyone has their preferences in consuming media, and to some, an effective medium is anime. Liking anime doesn't automatically make you a "weeb". You may like anime not because you are obsessed with Japanese culture but because you find it profoundly emotional and artistic, like I do. It's why some people like reading books over watching movies, as its more effective in conveying a message and feelings.
    You can't judge a book, or any sort of medium, by its cover. Read it. Only then you can judge.



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  8. 57 minutes ago, TheNegotiator said:

    @SCHEFF I believe I mentioned upon a few occasions the existance of the Separatist Remnant rebuilding to Moff Panaka, not sure if you can recall. Outside of the massive Zann Consortium mentions anyways.

    Not that I could do anything about with my current character, but yes I can recall my meetings with the clone dude who was in on this story

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  9. 2 hours ago, Joel said:

    I do have an idea of how this could be potentially utilised within the server and somewhat fit within lore. Due to most of this sith revival and soul binding thing not being known as to how it works we could easily come up with our own ideas for how it works on the server. 


    Time to bring back Sith Marauders and the Knights of Zakuul


  10. The real question is how does server lore differ from established Star Wars Canon/Legends lore?

    I know events such as the destruction of the Rishi Moon base have carried on to be staple events in the server's history, but don't necessarily hold true outside of the server. Would love to know if there are any other examples (i.e. Death of Moff Nile Owen, a Legends character)

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