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  1. THAT'S YOOOUUUU????? Makes sense now that you've been saying hi to me all the time - didn't even realise it was you. I remember you being in DT with me back in the day Welcome back dude
  2. On this same note, I treat all EC/transfer Generals like shit since they nearly always fuck the ship up with every mission they force us to go on #pkallecgenerals


    While I have no evidence of the incident, I can definitely recall the amount of times Mongo and I died due to Pickle indiscriminately shooting ion disruptors at everyone on the third floor, which is probably over five or six times. Mongo and I were discussing PAC while at the bridge elevator, holotable and later mess hall and, without provocation, Pickle came up to us, sometimes invisible and in noclip, and shot us with an ion disruptor, killing us instantly. It was obvious that we were discussing PAC (something productive) and not participating in shooting that other players were doing.
  4. Time to canonically develop Ubercharge
  5. Let's not have a regiment capped at High Colonel ever again please.
  6. Let me give a perspective and criticism from somebody who hasn't been in an army regiment since early/mid 2019. Despite the notable work AHC have put into incentivising army regiment roleplay, they cannot get past each army regiment's most basic purpose of existence: to shoot and kill. This was the most basic but most impactful issue I had to work around in Government, as its primary purpose was to do clearance tests - a monotonous, repetitive purpose for a regiment to exist, and yet it was required for Government to function. Government died due to the realisation that its primary purpos
  7. When I die I want that to be the last sound I ever make
  8. o7 Thank you so much Wolf. Kosmos would be so proud of you. Now can I get your warn removed please it's my only warn
  9. To add on this: For the record, I will openly insult other players and put them down because my character is a dick, not because I don't like you as a real person. In an RP sense, it makes sense to shit on other people in-universe, not out; this includes policing and handing out in-RP consequences. This is because we are members of the Empire, which is (from the movies' point-of-view) an evil dictatorship built on competition and survival of the fittest, as well as order, segregation and conditioning. Just because you might not like how certain regiments or people operate in their respect
  10. Maximillion rn I reckon old mate deserves a scatter gun and a can of Bonk! Atomic Punch
  11. This is the most distressing police brutality video I've ever seen. I'm literally shaking and crying... how could they commit such cold atrocities against an innocent Imperial citizen? Reminds me of another very sad video...
  12. While this is a decent addition, it definitely destroys my muscle memory of being able to love and upvote posts quickly; have to move my mouse 100 lightyears to do that now. It reminds me of when Facebook added the care react, killing my ability to quickly laugh react posts. The ordering seems is very haphazard and could be improved to better group positive, negative and neutral reactions together. Unless some sort of arbitrary rule is introduced to ban the use of upvotes and downvotes on the kinds of posts you listed, being able to directly change someone else's reputation as a response to th
  13. Love you dude, I'm sorry you had to go through all this. Please stay safe over there. Smoke your demons away (hippie). o7
  14. It's got HL2RP vibes, and I love that. Star Wars themed HL2RP when?
  15. SCHEFF

    Empire Day 2020

    Sorry, not sorry
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