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  1. Congratz guys! You guys totally deserve your promotions! Can't wait to see what you guys can do as admins!
  2. Why did something like this have to be posted and still remain in a public forum detailing an important topic about the server's change and growth? Could this post be restarted or all non-relevant posts be deleted? Not to start another argument but this isn't particularly putting the server in a good light.
  3. Tonight's Chef's Special is his introduction, which is what he's about to dish out to all the good customers and consumers of this establishment. Many greetings, I am Chef. I reign from South Australia and am the absolute power in all things culinary (i.e. I can /me really fast in the kitchen).I've been on the server for quite a bit now, I've managed probably close to 2 weeks of in-game playtime (including pre-reset times) but I've been around for a couple more weeks than that. I also have a bit of ULTRA ELITE SUPER EXCLUSIVE training in the art of being a Death Trooper. I'm second i
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