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  1. Spoiler


    I was gonna write an essay... but...

    - Ahsoka was perfect. Rosario Dawson couldn't of played her literally any better; she really felt like Ahsoka.
    - Grogu is a cute little fearful Yoda boy
    - Ahsoka vs Morgan duel was badass and so classic, probably even more so than the Rebels Obi-Wan vs Maul duel
    - Lightsaber vs beskar duels are a thing and their sound design is so fucking metal (hehe)
    - Sad to see those HK-87 droids die but at least they're canon now
    - The Asian setting was super well done while still feeling very Star Wars and dystopian
    - How tf is Thrawn involved in this but I don't mind BECAUSE IT'S THRAWN
    - Some epic cool Deep Core Tython Jedi Temple Force shit is about to happen, but how tf is Mando gonna make it there
    - Morai/The Daughter makes a cameo which is nice

    11/10 episode. Brilliant.

    I reckon by the end of this season Mando is going to start doubting his extremist Mandalorian heritage due to how he has been labelled by Bo-Katan and what he has experienced with the supposedly enemy sorcerer Ahsoka (who technically isn't a Jedi but Mando doesn't know that). It'd be an interesting character shift.


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    The potential is there, but I'm not seeing it. This application would more than suffice for a Tier 1 application, but it is not quite there for a Tier 2 application.
    While the quality of what is mostly texturing and some obj importing, it does not show a larger scope of what can be done with PAC3 and could be utilised with Tier 2 if you were to get it. I'd recommend getting some more higher quality examples (the examples provided are vague in what they change about a model, such as Gideon and Seyn) and dabble in more of what is possible with PAC than what it is featured here.

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    the 100% brand new never before seen totally not a reskin of 442nd


    A new four-person regiment within the 88th Legion, the 107th Siege Squad is a frontline fighting force trained in breaching structures and suppressing and overwhelming enemies with their elite arsenal of weapons.
    First in and last out of the battlefield, the 107th are based in the brig, working closely with security personnel such as 62nd Shock and 96th Nova Divisions. They promise efficiency with their squad-based tactics and strategic role.

    - FWMB-10K Heavy Rifle
    - Hunter Shotgun
    - Deployable Shield
    - Smoke Grenade (CL3+)


    This message was brought to you by the Imperial Gaming Media Team.

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  4. 54 minutes ago, Splonter said:

    I feel it limits RP opportunity.

    I think a Stormtrooper Private being able to hop into literally any vehicle and being able to pilot it with any level of competency isn't RP-friendly. This includes being able to start it moving, get it off the ground/up to speed and operate its weapons systems - all would require a specific knowledge on how to do so.

    Even if a method isn't added that forcefully kicks somebody out of a vehicle, I reckon a feature should be added that increases the amount of swaying in flying vehicles have in the air and a speed decrease and weapons unreliability factor while in any vehicle. This would show the lack of control someone would have over the vehicle and it make it easier to stop and apprehend them. 

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  5. I like this post a lot. Let's get into the juice of this and write another essay.


    18 hours ago, Mongo said:

    Special Permissions / Favouritism.


    Don't even need to quote the rest of the post to talk about how much this infuriates me as a veteran member and someone who has been in commanding positions before moving down ranks.
    Know and respect your place. Too many times have commanding officers over the years (but especially over the last few months) given their friends special privileges or maintained a roleplay connection with an individual even though they've been set to ST Private or moved to a completely unrelated regiment. A CO should practically and would realistically spit on a Private and give them no quarter or consideration - it makes no sense for them to be given special powers or have them more influence in situations where a higher rank is present. I've expressed my distaste for this aspect of the community very outwardly and attacked several people for their involvement in this behaviour as it ruins the structure and policies set out by our management to keep everything balanced roleplay-wise. It's simply unfair and it needs to be cracked down stat.


    18 hours ago, Mongo said:

    ...this appears to be a serious issue that never gets punished with almost all cases being forgotten or instantly voided, staff take precautions to 'prevent metagaming' but never actually punish anyone for doing so; Such as troopers using their context menu as a way to spot cloaked people...


    I suggest an alert being developed that shows in admin chat whenever a cloaked individual is highlighted through the Context Menu. It's a game design flaw that can't be permanently fixed unless you just stop cloaked people being highlighted altogether, which I can see causing bigger issues.
    About metagaming in general - I do see it being brought up in sits relatively frequently if it is obvious, but more nuanced situations like the Navy/Massif vs DT situation require a good eye from staff and someone willing to report it to deal with. This subtle manipulation is toxic behaviour and relates back to the special permissions problem Mongo outlined earlier.


    18 hours ago, Mongo said:

    Personally I think that Promotions are handed out too easily, there is barely any challenge or satisfaction for troopers to gain a promotion, it seems now that you wait your eligible days and instantly get a promotion in most army regiments, I haven't seen anyone actively get demoted in a long time with the only exception being a few Sky Troopers.


    On a slightly unrelated note:
    Demotions > "re-education"

    Fuck that jazz, honestly. Re-education is useless RP that doesn't change the "re-educated" person's attitude at all and can be turned on the ISB personnel running it to purposefully annoy them and waste their time. Cracking down on demoting people by involving IHC more (which can be said in general in monitoring regiments) and adding temporary demotion blacklists handled by people other than the regiment who had a person demoted would create a better incentive to act better.
    I've been threatened with demotions a few times over the years and each time has led me to monitor my own behaviour, even if the threat was overkill in response to what provoked it. Re-education does not facilitate this at all.


    18 hours ago, Mongo said:

    Perma Kills/PKs

    These are quite a rare sighting now a days, unfortunately they only seem to occur on mingey troopers that only just join the server who in my eyes do some of the more lesser acts compared to others that are still playing characters with a lot of backlash and incompetence among other things on their record.


    Ban or rank-lock players who join the server with the intention to minge and be a nuisance. After we do this, we can finally focus on the people who deserve PKs or a severe demotion, to the point where they'd need to really need prove themselves to command or continue to succeed.
    Throughout 2020, I have seen players reach high-ranking positions and abuse it to shit on other's roleplay and tarnish the idea of "being a good leader." Once you've hit CL5+, you're set. Your involvement and engagement in not only the server but the community as a whole can massively be diminished with little to no penalty or risk of your rank, despite the immense increase in responsibilities you should have. Or you can go the other extreme and use your new powers to boast and ruin roleplay for others, essentially power-playing.

    I unfortunately don't have a good solution to this, other than high-ranking people who don't step up to their role can be hit with a
    "Due to your character's absence on the Chimaera, they have been transferred to another ship. Make a new character."
    which would be a soft-PK. Power-play is difficult to solve, as it is really easy to just get a slap on the wrist for it and be told to improve, with not much consequence afterward. My only suggestion to tackle power-play is to actually take player's grievances about another player's power-playing behaviour into consideration and tell them to improve or be considered way too Nazi for the role and be kicked.

    PKs are great roleplay and should be the ultimate punishment for an individual who has gone too far. But, for whatever reason, staff or other players are too scared to knock someone out of a high position as there is a fear that it would chuck a regiment into chaos, when it would actually improve a regiment substantially with a new, fresh commander. You can make the argument that this is just a game and we're just roleplaying, but when it is at the detriment to others and the experience as a whole, it should be dealt with swiftly and effectively. Don't pussy out.


    That's me for now. Don't downvote Mongo's post because what he says personally attacks you. You should look at yourself instead of just pushing the blame onto others.

    P.S. here's some bonus comments I agree with.




    On topic, the lack of RP, the solution is to make your own, right? Right? Well, it seems that if you do make RP, you are immediately shat on by everyone who sees it as a mild inconvenience.



    Getting a PK is more than a slap on a wrist and should teach you a lesson, and if you can't learn from that lesson then maybe you shouldnt of been in the position you got PK'ed from.


    ...when you actively view someone act out, ruin peoples gameplay, abuse their powers and behave like a child to everyone who tries to get them to stop speaks wonders. The defence on some higher ups on the server rely on certain other higherups, whether it be OOC or IC to defend them for their actions, this is just spits in others peoples faces. And to be fair, im not devaluing these people that act up, certain members do provide alot of value to the community, but when they dont mature, when they keep on acting like they do day after day, still attaining the same rank (even getting promotions) and relying on others to defend them, once again speaks wonders.



    Honestly this post 100% valid and the fact that navy are mass downvoting not disagreeing but downvoting shows a lot of what was said in this. Favouritism is a clear problem and it shows.


     Is this not literally a description of favouritism though? even if you go with the "Oh just chuck em as an EC that will make things better" I can assure you that if a newish member of the community asked to be set to a naval guard for no reason they wouldn't be set.



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  6. You've definitely shot your shot with this document, but you've missed by a long shot.

    UNIFORM officer? RATIONS officer? For real? Literally the most RP these "roles" could have is a couple /me's and maybe some RNG rolling. More thought is put into shooting turbolasers on the bridge and that is entirely based on RNG.

    PassiveRP roles should have prospects for sinking in a tangible amount of time and effort for roles that would make sense for a specific regiment. The "passive RP" roles in Navy have unique connections and expectations, as well as benefits and are a substantial addition to roleplay.

    I think this needs a redo and keep the regiment's purpose in mind when designing it.

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  7. Foot-long chicken teriyaki on toasted Italian herbs and cheese bread (or white bread) with cheddar cheese (RIP Swiss cheese) with avocado, spinach, onion and lettuce (and sometimes beetroot) with teriyaki sauce and salt & pepper or you're wrong.

    I can never get Italian herbs and cheese bread at uni though because it's everyone's favourite and always gone xD

    I do need some more suggestions though

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