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  1. Foot-long chicken teriyaki on toasted Italian herbs and cheese bread (or white bread) with cheddar cheese (RIP Swiss cheese) with avocado, spinach, onion and lettuce (and sometimes beetroot) with teriyaki sauce and salt & pepper or you're wrong. I can never get Italian herbs and cheese bread at uni though because it's everyone's favourite and always gone I do need some more suggestions though
  2. As long as they are rewarded retroactively, I'm down
  3. Once I finish my Bachelor of Media Arts, I'd love to get a Bachelor of Education in probably middle-high school teaching so I can teach students how to create media and use their imagination, as well as how to write and dream. It's fucking cheesy but it's true
  4. You can do a me and complain about regiments and people on the server. Otherwise, passive RP, whether created by our wonderful @Jman1308, an EM or yourselves, is a great way to pass time and makes the universe feel more alive (if you're into that sort of stuff). Do some housekeeping and errands for the Logistics Centre, grab some prescription pills and get a check-up at the Medical Bay, have a chat with others around the holotable. Just do things that enable a lot of talking and a lot /me's, and maybe some shooting mixed in. It's actually incredibly easy to create RP, but you gotta p
  5. I personally reckon going back in time to post-ROTS or at most 10 BBY would be cool as clones would still be around and all current lore characters would still exist. It's a better alternative than to going into the ABY era.
  6. Easily the best SC commander
  7. Very good ideas, especially the TFA Bacta Grenade, debuff and 2x damage ^ Here's some of my own: There is a five second timer that is activated when a medic is shot or nearly hit. Within these five seconds, any attempt to use the defibrillator in that time would result in a "It is too dangerous to use the defibrillator - get to cover!" message to pop up and the defibrillator won't work. All other of the medic's tools will continue to work however. There should be a chance for a bacta bomb to malfunction/blow up if a medic is shot with it out, encouraging the medic to get to safet
  8. Just gonna throw in my two cents in regards to the replies. I can't say much about the main post as my experience in Army is limited/outdated.
  9. "Hey look buddy, I'm an Engineer. That means I solve problems, not problems like "What is beauty?" Because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems. For instance: how am I going to stop some mean mother Hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous be-hind? The answer? Use a gun... and if that don't work... use more gun. Take for instance this heavy caliber tripod mounted lil' old number designed by me, built by me, and you best hope... Not pointed at you."
  10. People pay $55 to freely RDM on the server as bounty hunters
  11. *buys CO position* *abuses tools and crashes server* Yeah, nah.
  12. Yo can we finally kill Panaka in this campaign?
  13. Not that I could do anything about with my current character, but yes I can recall my meetings with the clone dude who was in on this story
  14. So this is technically a Media Team production Yeah the boys
  15. Still not as good as Blade & Sorcery
  16. The real question is how does server lore differ from established Star Wars Canon/Legends lore? I know events such as the destruction of the Rishi Moon base have carried on to be staple events in the server's history, but don't necessarily hold true outside of the server. Would love to know if there are any other examples (i.e. Death of Moff Nile Owen, a Legends character)
  17. Looking forward to the full list of people signed up to the IHCA Book Club
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