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  1. With the Chimaera's demise/disappearance at the end of this event, will be moving onto an original ship or another Canon/Legends ship? Probably too early to ask. I'll happily take the new Grand Admiral position if so
  2. I can't wait to be given 10 Training E-11s for Christmas
  3. Sent in my donation. Headspace has really helped me in the past and I'm really happy to see our community is giving something back to it. Thank you Cecil.
  4. INTRODUCING, the 100% brand new never before seen totally not a reskin of 442nd 107TH SIEGE SQUAD! --- --- A new four-person regiment within the 88th Legion, the 107th Siege Squad is a frontline fighting force trained in breaching structures and suppressing and overwhelming enemies with their elite arsenal of weapons. First in and last out of the battlefield, the 107th are based in the brig, working closely with security personnel such as 62nd Shock and 96th Nova Divisions. They promise efficiency with their squad-based tactics and strategic role. --- LOADOUT: - FWMB-10K Heav
  5. I think a Stormtrooper Private being able to hop into literally any vehicle and being able to pilot it with any level of competency isn't RP-friendly. This includes being able to start it moving, get it off the ground/up to speed and operate its weapons systems - all would require a specific knowledge on how to do so. Even if a method isn't added that forcefully kicks somebody out of a vehicle, I reckon a feature should be added that increases the amount of swaying in flying vehicles have in the air and a speed decrease and weapons unreliability factor while in any vehicle. This would sho
  6. I like this post a lot. Let's get into the juice of this and write another essay. That's me for now. Don't downvote Mongo's post because what he says personally attacks you. You should look at yourself instead of just pushing the blame onto others. P.S. here's some bonus comments I agree with.
  7. Power-hunger and power-play on this server? There is no such thing...
  8. I support this notion
  9. Just have staff put a sign at the hole which says "The Naughty No-Go Zone" and be done with it
  10. Santos bad Clone Wars bad Post-ROTS is where it's at
  11. You've definitely shot your shot with this document, but you've missed by a long shot. UNIFORM officer? RATIONS officer? For real? Literally the most RP these "roles" could have is a couple /me's and maybe some RNG rolling. More thought is put into shooting turbolasers on the bridge and that is entirely based on RNG. PassiveRP roles should have prospects for sinking in a tangible amount of time and effort for roles that would make sense for a specific regiment. The "passive RP" roles in Navy have unique connections and expectations, as well as benefits and are a substantial addition
  12. SCHEFF

    A simple game.

    I wouldn't mind this tbh
  13. Bring back Regional Government and I will do unspeakable things to you
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