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  1. I've noticed something about this cover which really urks me. Now I'm no conspiracy theorist but... Why is Obi-Wan on the same level of the cover as Rey and Luke? Why is Anakin, the Chosen One and father of Luke, relegated to standing behind Mace Windu down the bottom? Surely it would make sense to give Anakin more of a presence and place him alongside his son? Unless something is being communicated here about Rey and Obi-Wan... Rey Kenobi confirmed?
  2. +1 Best solution thus far. Better start writing your spaghet code


    This is Star Wars, not SCP.
  4. Time to reduce wages yet again...
  5. Everyone here knows me as 'SCHEFF', and that is the result of shortening two things: my irl last name, and the nickname my teacher gave me in Year 6 which was 'Scheffinator'. Obviously, my character names of Chef, Chef Jr., Shef and Mathieu Scheff are derived from this name. However, as everybody with my email address knows, I used to go by a different, much weirder name; that being 'Noodleman137'. I've had this name ever since 11 and I distinctly remember the circumstances in which I made it up. I was setting up my newly purchased Minecraft account around lunch time not knowing what to n
  6. Neutral While in theory this may sound like a good idea, we already know that medics already have the massive responsibility with sorting out diseases as well as general injuries throughout the ship, and slapping another integral responsibility on top of their pre-existing role sounds overwhelming in my eyes. At least with diseases, there is a chance you'll overcome them, but you obviously can't recover from physical injuries like you can a common cold. Also, injuries sound way too crippling and not fun in its current form - I can agree with no sprinting or jogging, but walking is al
  7. Banned for impersonation of a staff member. See you on the forums kiddo. Wait...
  8. Our image has always been blue, it's an old tradition. As soon as I saw a red version of our logo and the way the forums look as they do now, it feels way too alien. The only reason the content pack has a red background to it is because the Clone Wars server in turn had a blue background.
  9. I love the bigger profile pics and especially the icon showing how far you're down the page instead of a scroll slider, but I personally think the extra red squares over the post count on topics and the topics themselves on the right side of the home screen need some tweaking. Little things, I know, but it all comes together in the end. I think getting rid of these double square outlines would look much more cleaner and the size of the topics on the right side should be made bigger to compensate for the lack of a scroll slider, so that they can more easily be seen. Also, the avatars in the cha
  10. SCHEFF

    Project Palpatine

    I'm looking to see if I can extract the robes and body of Palpatine out of Battlefront II into workable files (they're separate in the game files). It seems easy enough, even for a complete amateur like me. Watch me swallow my words
  11. I've unfortunately had much experience with Legos, but I was always fascinated by the old stop-motion animations people made with Legos back in the day. I distinctly remember one with Boba Fett which I remember feeling so impressed with how they managed to pull this convincing animation off. "What a piece of (good) crud."
  12. Point defence was never a strong point of Star Destroyers. I'd say it adds to the experience. But I gotta agree, if the turbolasers were operated remotely from the bridge in a secure, keycarded room (which isn't exactly lore friendly but it fixes so many problems), they could be utilised much more. I love watching them fire upon capital ships when they are used, which is hardly anymore. Lord Trilobite made some odd decisions when he added that whole empty space where the turbolasers are tbh, there are so many ways he could've approached both the turbolasers and the space where the Sith Te
  13. Hammer is Pureus 2.0 but with less edge.
  14. You're gonna nuke my Moff RP
  15. When I was in Widow Squad, I killed a Stormtrooper-turned-Recruit when he had already minged and had been set back about 4 times that day. Was ruining my whole day. I shot him to send him back to the recruit room so he could be out of my hair and so staff didn't have to send him back themselves. Wolf warned me instantly without putting me in a sit and it's still my only warn withstanding to this year. I then wrote a very sh*tty and humiliating apology on the forums which was never accepted. I had nearly a 2 year clean streak... but as former staff I of course should've known better.
  16. Shock and Riot at this point in time remind me of GTA V police. They're far too aggressive (tazing every AOS'd person without giving them a chance to come along quietly), aren't spread around the ship enough to have a constant presence (and therefore be a deterrent to crime) and all of them aggressively hone in on a single AOS case, swarming them, even if it's for a light reason. I might be exaggerating a bit, but there has been times in this server's history where Shock and Riot have had proper police roleplay as stated above: with checkpoints, random ID checking and not instantly tazing
  17. Well I'm sorry for liking Xbox better... exclusive much...?
  18. This is a beautiful gesture. Through our ups and downs, in the end we are one big family. To whoever died: Rest in peace, and fly high. o7
  19. Imperial Gaming Clone Wars RP*
  20. Make a HL2RP server. Now.
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