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  1. This is a shitshow of a thread. I recommend someone lock this and we continue 2IC app ads in-game. Idk why people are so riled up about this.
  2. The first game I ever played was The Sims 2 on my sister's blocky, beige PC back in 2004, just after the game came out. I remember four-year-old me walking into her room and asking what she was doing on her computer and she hopped me up onto her lap and showed me the game. I remember her explaining how the game worked: that you could create and control Sims, and let me watch some gameplay of her playing a household she created in Veronaville. At the end, I asked if I could play and she said, "No, but you can play it tomorrow." I remember going to bed totally giddy and excited to have a go at
  3. Broooo that's sick! @Mouse do you do commissions?
  4. Bum bum bum, ba-dum ba-dum
  5. I really don't see the problem here. More battlefield medical support is better and I think that adding medics to regiments was a great idea. People still go to actual medics for medical roleplay (medication, surgery, etc) and they also are vital to dealing with the disease/virus system. One thing I think can balance out the medic regiment is to remove the disinfectant sprays from engineers and have them exclusively used by the medic regiment.
  6. From what I see, this achieves the following things: - It places a larger focus on the lower ranks, with added progression, and is realistic when considering the assumed rank structure of the Empire, full of grunts and lower ranking officers and such. The server currently focuses on high ranks with little progression, so this would be a refreshing change. - It increases the *feeling* of progression with more clearance levels, even in the higher ranks. Moving up a CL (as they are currently treated) *feels* like a big upgrade, even if isn't necessarily one. In my eyes, the difference
  7. I am steadily working on an II project that I have devised from start to finish that kind of works as a D&D game: Tthe premise is set, the characters have been fleshed out over the years, and the end goal is written; all that needs to happen now is fill it out in roleplay. I won't go into specifics, but I'm going off four years worth of established characters and roleplay to make my story. Additionally, my character has been approved to be the comms officer from The Mandalorian (played by Katy O'Brian) so she has plot armour and has a pre-written death at the hands of Bo-Katan Kryze.
  8. +1 I approve of this Discount PAC tool. Would spice up a lot of the generic models we re-use a lot.
  9. 【=◈︿◈=】 Only real homies will recognise this one
  10. Disclaimer: @Bailey has allowed me to post on this appeal. Crispin, I know you and I have never really seen eye-to-eye; I am the main reason why. I've pushed you away and shamed you, citing that you were one of the most troublesome and manipulative players I had ever dealt with during my tenure in the staff team in 2017 and 2018. I've held an extremely negative opinion of you that has never been challenged and therefore has never had the chance to mature and change. But after having a chat with some of your older friends when they visited the IG server, I learned that there were many el
  11. My favourite line in this video is the disembodied female voice saying, "User left your channel."
  12. At this same exact time, four years ago, on January 7th, 2017, at 2:37pm ACDT, I took this screenshot of a briefing for an off-ship event. This was the first day I joined the server and the first event I was a part of. The day that started it all. MUSHY STUFF BELOW - BEWARE: The Imperial Gaming community has been a significant part of my life for the better part of four years. It is what jumpstarted my passion for roleplay, story-writing and character-building, and I have upheld a high standard of roleplay ever since this very first day. I have watched this community grow
  13. With the Chimaera's demise/disappearance at the end of this event, will be moving onto an original ship or another Canon/Legends ship? Probably too early to ask. I'll happily take the new Grand Admiral position if so
  14. I can't wait to be given 10 Training E-11s for Christmas
  15. Sent in my donation. Headspace has really helped me in the past and I'm really happy to see our community is giving something back to it. Thank you Cecil.
  16. NEUTRAL The potential is there, but I'm not seeing it. This application would more than suffice for a Tier 1 application, but it is not quite there for a Tier 2 application. While the quality of what is mostly texturing and some obj importing, it does not show a larger scope of what can be done with PAC3 and could be utilised with Tier 2 if you were to get it. I'd recommend getting some more higher quality examples (the examples provided are vague in what they change about a model, such as Gideon and Seyn) and dabble in more of what is possible with PAC than what it is featured here.
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