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  1. I got mugged at the servo once. Was getting yelled at by the dude who was trying to make it intense and stuff. I just turned to him, looked him dead in the eye, and dropped my 2k without saying a word and kept on buying my food. If you're going to inconvenience my day, I'm not gonna give you a fulfilling reaction.
  2. Hell yeah! The best RP I've had is when everyone is running around as t-posing grey and black "people" on the recruit job. Can't beat that kind of gameplay
  3. I mean if we had wiltOS purely for the Fortnite dances I would be happy. But in all seriousness, I have seen other servers utilise wiltOS, in particular the Prone addon, very effectively. If wiltOS is not to everyone's liking though, there is a standalone version of the mod available as well. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1100368137&searchtext=prone I believe that the Sith themselves didn't like the idea of having wiltOS on the Imperial server when the Jedi were happy with wiltOS on the Clone Wars server, but I'll let them speak for themselves rather than have me assume. I personally believe wiltOS could add a lot to the server, if it is refit to our requirements of course.
  4. Being a legitimate citizen is impossible, especially when squared up against all the criminals and gangs. I thought I would go against the grain and make money entirely through legitimate means, being a bus driver, taxi driver, sales truck driver, all that. The pay is way too low to tackle against the money you can make illegally. If your vehicle gets destroyed, you're out of a job entirely as you can't (de)spawn it. Worst of all, you will be forced to give up large chunks of your money anyway if you're mugged (which happens far too often) or are pulled over by the cops who give out exorbitantly high fines. You can buy pistols at the gun shop, which is something I very much can get behind, but what I don't agree with is the fact that the police can confiscate my legitimately purchased firearm if they detain or arrest me, setting me back over $6,000 (much more if the sales tax is implemented). It takes forever to get that amount of money through legitimate means. It should be fun to play both as a citizen and a criminal. Even if a citizen role was boring and tedious, it should at least be a viable option. The server simply isn't balanced. You're basically forced down the route of crime, making this server not SantosRP but instead Cops vs Robbers.
  5. Was gonna make an edit of Anakin's death in honour of you but life's getting in the way. I hope the thought counts See you around my dude, you were among the great high ranks of the server. A true Sith. o7
  6. --BUMP-- I want to show you guys some concept art for Aftermath; let's call them storyboards. I've released some of these in the chatbox earlier, but of course posting on that gains no traction. So here they are. Just a disclaimer, I haven't recorded anything for the series yet, so what you see here may not be what appears or is filmed. I'll be continuing to make concept art until I have some definite free time off over the uni semester break. At that time, I might be able to film some teaser trailer material, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime... here's an official teaser poster. Ciao!
  7. Confirmed the only voice acting is gonna be grunts and gibberish, just like the original Lego games. Pre-order that son-of-a-bitch
  8. Gottem.mp4 Gottem. [not my video btw]
  9. I'm incredibly offended by your choice to put Panaka at the bottom of the list. I guess I'll just fade away into the void then... I'm so easily forgotten...
  10. General Kenobi. You are a bold one.
  11. SCHEFF

    Rip Born

  12. Hey all, As I've been discussing in the chatbox, I'm in need of some music suggestions for both the trailers and episodes of Aftermath: An Imperial Gaming Story. I've been sourcing music from over the web to avoid simply copy/pasting established Star Wars or Machinimasound music into my episodes. I want my series to have a bit of flare to it; a bit of originality. As such, as well as incorporating orchestral and piano music into it, I'm looking for electronic music, and I need your help sourcing this music. Keep in mind, Aftermath is not going to be a happy story. It is not a story of heroes rising up to defeat villains and saving the day. It is a story of loss, challenge and conflict, among other things. As such, I need music with more sinister, dramatic and tense undertones, as well as some more ambient music to keep the mood in check. I have sourced some great music from Seycara Orchestral and Porter Robinson/Virtual Self, but I'm in need of some more dark orchestral music and battle music as well as some slower-paced electronic music with (when appropriate) glitchy elements. I can also fit piano into basically anything. I'm looking to stick to as few artists as possible so that the music in this series has a consistent artistic style and motifs, which is why I am planning (but not locking in) using some game and movie/series soundtracks with a long cohesive list of music produced in a similar manner. If you can get past these super-anal guidelines, your suggestions will be very much appreciated and I'll be sure to find a way to credit you in the series. Just post your suggestions down below. Have a great one everyone!
  13. Every time I bring out my fists, I'm afraid a staff member will take me aside for minging, when in fact I just wanna slap tf out of somebody in-RP for being an ass to me. Not everybody is a like-minded individual or trained with utter respect to the law and other people. Some people just want to shoot sh*t or punch some sh*t because they're a full-on soldier and have the means to do so, and if that is roleplayed properly I see no problem in it existing. But yes if a trooper decides to randomly go on a rampage without some pre-existing roleplay to "warn" other players and just uses some on-the-spot excuse of being psychotic or something, that's not right and should be punished accordingly. It's always circumstantial.
  14. I've had to deal with this as a Moff, and it's extremely frustrating. In my eyes, being a complete and utter asshole can be fun but has to handled and balanced carefully. I would love to see somebody who isn't afraid to show a bit of their own character and personality, because in the end we are all individuals with a different makeup. Nobody should be afraid to be a little outrageous like how I am.
  15. This is how I'd prefer to see the role handled.
  16. We can both be assholes together bro, I can be a real piece of sh*t when the situation calls for it.
  17. Imagine if there was a Moff vote every 15 minutes... sounds unsustainable to me...
  18. Personally, I think there are too many gangs for such a small map, that me choosing to go into one of them will cut me off socially from a lot of the server. I originally had the idea of being a neutral hitman who just got the job done, whoever it was for. Would make things a lot more enjoyable. Good stuff.
  19. Uh... there's a whole section of the forums dedicated to this... https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/forum/122-character-backstory/
  20. Sick! Now can I recreate this on the server. [mfw when IG DarkRP is rebooted after 2 years]
  21. Ngl Mauler's return is more exciting than Palpatine's return in The Rise of Skywalker. See you around the ship my dude, will be good to see you!
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