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Everything posted by SCHEFF


    Project Borealis

    Video game documentaries need to become more mainstream.

    Bucket Heads - Fan Film

    Best Fan Film I've seen in a long while, perhaps the best one ever.

    'Vader' - Fan film

    Even though the film is not canon (because it's not official Lucasfilm & Disney material), I would love this to be incorporated into our server lore in anyway we can; we can treat it as if it did happen. Yes, it does happen only shortly after the events of Revenge of the Sith, but depending on what is included in the film, there may be a lot to work with. Star Wars Theory has grown massively in the last 2(?) years and definitely deserves the respect, praise and fame that he has. To pour $80,000 of his own personal money into a film purely for our enjoyment and not for profits (not that he could legally profit from this anyway) shows he has a deep respect for the Star Wars fandom and wishes to contribute to it, a respect that has dwindled and divided over the last few years. I think it would be a good thing to respect his work by recognising it on the server.

    Disease System Nerf

    +1 I haven't even tried out the new disease system yet but I totally agree that adding these features to a system like this would make it a lot more enjoyable/manageable. Perfect choices of options, I couldn't think of anything better.

    Christmas Help!

    Scheff Always love some generosity, thanks dude!

    IG - Anniversary Awards Voting

    Having to go through nearly 2 years of screenshots to find a winner was a hard ask. Only for the strongest of men.
  7. JANUARY 2017 REPRESENT! Thanks for another great update Whitey, always great to watch our continued growth as a community, a growth two years in the making. What an achievement, from all of us. Here's for another two years!



    Permanently Stepping Down

    Another OG is gone. I'm going to miss you man, you've just always been there, whether it be on the forums or the server; a man before my time. You've had a presence which is inviting and keeps me assured that things are going okay. But alas, everybody has their time and today is yours. Best of luck man with whatever you do and wherever you go. See you later. o7
  10. I've been behind the scenes of this farewell so I don't need to make a big statement for Stevo. But dude, this is the biggest loss to the community thus far. This is just sad. Best of luck for everything in the future and keep in contact with us. o7
  11. SCHEFF

    Hornet's Farewell

    Another legend leaves us in 2018. Safe travels mate, Year 12 will be hard but worth it. Best of luck and thank you so much for everything, including the mention still always up for a chat if you need. o7
  12. But infinitely better. On an unrelated note, great job dev team! You guys are invaluable to the continued success of our community! This is amazing! But please don't change the model of the quest vendor, I'm literally going to write in my lore than Chef Jr. returned to the ship to act as this role. It'd be such a satisfying thing and an honour to immortalise my Chef Jr. character as a recognised, interactive character which continues to contribute to roleplay. I mean I know I sound super vain but seriously, seeing the quest vendor as this model brought me so much joy and I hope it stays! Also, I'd love to submit suggestions for future quests. Is there any way to do this?
  13. SCHEFF

    Epic annoucment

    This is pretty pic
  14. SCHEFF

    Christmas Giveaway

    9624 - "Scheff" I'll happily take the Steam Cards, I've got enough games in my library that I don't play Thanks for doing this Bailey, you're already gracious as it is
  15. SCHEFF

    Court Case | Basil Suing the Grand Moff

    I took Tony's seat immediately after he was evicted. I still don't know why he died
  16. SCHEFF

    Flashback Photos...

    I miss the Secretary life, made some great friends (and competitors) in that time, you included. I'd rejoin Government but I'm #widow4life
  17. SCHEFF

    Krennics Entourage Photos...

    I hope Director Krennic enjoys his vacation on Scarif, he deserves a long break. Great pictures. While badass, they are ultimately a little bit sad. I hope Management can do the impossible and find us an even greater ISB Director. *cough* Gusky *cough* Goodbye Lincoln.
  18. SCHEFF

    Flashback Photos...

    Back when the Sith Temple was in the same level as all the bunks, so it'd be intruded all the time, people would stage scenes in the server and Secretaries' desks would be entirely custom. (hint: I'm involved in all of these pictures) What a time. I miss those days. Legit, if we have any of the old permaprop files (which I doubt we do), we should do what other people have said and go back to the old maps for a week or so for the 2 year anniversary. Give Rishimoon some love as well, even if its performance is terrible.
  19. SCHEFF


  20. SCHEFF

    Director Krennic's Goodbyes

    o7 Deploy the garri- I mean tears!
  21. SCHEFF

    So I created this...

    Challenge accepted.
  22. SCHEFF

    An Apology

    Hello all. I am writing this post as I want to formally and publicly apologise for my inappropriate behaviour ever since I have left staff. Since August, I know that I have angered not just the moderators, but the management team of this community. I have blatantly ignored rules that I myself enforced to others as Moderator and Senior Moderator during my more-than-one year tenure as staff. As such, I have gathered three warns. I have had two of these warns graciously removed after discussing said warns with management in Teamspeak. However, despite promising I would improve my behaviour, it is obvious I have acted against my word, and, if I am being completely honest, taken it for granted that I would be somehow immune to punishment due to my status on the server as a prominent roleplayer, veteran and ex-staff member. I understand that this way of acting and thinking is selfish, disrespectful and unacceptable, especially since I have disappointed those who I have worked alongside for so long and who have trusted me to moderate players who have acted like I have been. As an ex-staff member, I understand that I still represent the competency of the staff team and that my actions, however indirect, may still mar the staff team. I have a deep respect for this community, its players, and the team that moderates, manages and creates content for it and as such I deeply regret my negative behaviour which have impacted on this team. For this, I am truly sorry. You may ask, why bother making an apology post over something as trivial as warns? Ever since my induction into staff, I have made a conscious effort to keep my record clean and to be a role-model for others, which is to act within the rules. I have wanted to keep records clean throughout my life, whether it be in school or online; I just want to represent myself and whoever I am with positively. Since I have gathered warns, I believe I have marred everybody's trust of me and my ability to be a role-model for them. I have always enjoyed helping other players, whether it be with roleplaying, PAC3, general wellbeing and enjoyment of the server. When I received my most recent warn, which was by Wolf for RDM, I felt from that moment that I had disrespected and disappointed everybody who I had helped and been a role-model for, as well as betray the staff who I had promised that I would change. I was overwhelmed with disappointment and anger for myself, leading me to log out for the day. I don't want this to turn into a sob story, but I just want it known how deeply and honestly I feel about this. I was offered a private discussion with Wolf regarding my most recent warn and, many thanks to @Corvo talking on behalf of me as I was not in the place to talk at the time due to my emotions, I learned that I had to formally apologise to Wolf for my actions to have a chance of my warn being removed. I want to extend this apology to everybody I have negatively affected since August. To the moderators, I am sorry that you had take me aside to discuss server rules I had broken, rules that I have a clear and in-depth understanding of as I enforced these same rules as a member of staff. To management, I am sorry for going against my words, that I would improve and that you could trust me, things that I have disproven. To the community and its players, I am sorry for tarring your trust for me due to my actions and for damaging Widow Squad's reputation as a sub-regiment for the only the most elite and disciplined of players. I know I can improve and I will improve to right all of my wrongs. This is a promise to all of you, which I want you to hold me accountable for. I have learned from my mistakes and I regret what I have done. I want to regain your trust and do this community justice, as I am a proud veteran and wish to continue being a role-model for you all. I want to set the record clean and prove to you that I can be who I was before I had left staff. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I love you all and I hate to disappoint you. P.S. This post marks my 600th post and therefore makes me a forum "Shitposter." I hope this post allows me to come into this new rank with at least some shred of dignity