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About Me

Congratulations, you have stalked me. As a reward, you have gained exclusive access to information about the infamous Chef/Scheff lore. However, this excerpt is only scratching the surface. Scratch elsewhere if you want to find more detailed, less cryptic information.

Alternatively, message me on the forums if you want some insight into where to start looking and what to look for, I'm always happy to have a chat.

The following is canon to the Chef/Scheff family server lore



/me wipes blood off Scheff's personal datapad

/me inserts computer spike into datapad

/me successfully hacks into datapad

/me searches through datapad documents

/me eyes light up as they finds document named "About Me"

/me opens "About Me"


I'm the Chef, can you smell what I'm cooking?

I'm just finishing up one of my signature dishes.

/me seasons dish with salt and pepper

Guess what? It's for you!

/me hands you bantha chops with a glass of blue milk

Thanks for visiting my About Me page, here's your treat!

/me scoffs as they close "About Me"

/me continues searching through documents

/me finds campaign document named "The Endeavour"

/me searches through "The Endeavour"

/me finds checklist of "associates and known investigation targets"

  • "Pioneer" [] note: found, establish contact soon
  • "Defiant" [] note: found, establish contact soon
  • "Crash" [] note: successfully reassembled, pseudo-restrictions in place
  • "Black Leader" [] note: KIA
  • "One Hit" [-] note: no current need to investigate
  • "Alter Ego" [] note: KIA
  • "Liverpool" [-] note: no current need to investigate
  • "Next" [?] note: more info on identity required

/me grins knowingly



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