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    Vaccine System

    +1 I don't need to explain why. This would be perfect.

    Disease System Nerf

    This is a follow-up to my above comment as I've now had the chance to check out the system on the server. First of all, thank you Whitey for the swift reply. Of course as development of the system continues, more things will be ironed out and it's good to see you clear up things on the fly. One thing I don't agree with this system however is how it has been implemented in comparison to the new quest system. The quest system fundamentally changed roleplaying on the server, especially when it was first introduced (as expected) but it is a completely optional activity and you can roleplay normally without it. Now I agree with Whitey's reason to why there shouldn't be an opt-in/opt-out feature as that would cheat the purpose of it being implemented in the first place. However, the frequency of contracting a disease means that there is no manageable way to roleplay like we did previously and it has the potential to majorly disrupt important events, such as tryouts, briefings and activities such as bunk inspections, patrols and other regiment operations. Of course this is the purpose of the system but instead of being a extra addition to roleplay, it turns into an inconvenience which isn't fun to deal with. Let's play out an example, such a Stormtrooper basic training. This is something that Widow Squad are proficient at and know exactly how it should play out each time. We can adapt to mingey participants as we have learned how to efficiently deal with them as well as continue our training at the same time. However, if one our hosting members were to contract a disease during training, which is very likely as Stormtrooper training often drags on longer than 30 minutes, it is too crippling to continue training as the member may risk literally dying. This halts training and drags on it even longer, which is frustrating to both Widow Squad and the Stormtroopers. In a worst case scenario where there are no substitute Widow Squad members to continue training and all the medics are busy, this will spell disaster for the training, which is not fun at all. This is something that can be avoided if the frequency of getting diseases is far longer than 30 minutes, say 2 hours to be completely safe. Then if somebody were to contract a disease, medical treatment would be more invited and available as it isn't as frequent and it means that another 2 hours of roleplay can continue without issue. A lot more things can be accomplished into 2 hours than 30 minutes. In relation, most of what I saw in comms was people asking for medical assistance and that they are sick. If so many people are getting sick so frequently, that is so disruptive to regular roleplay and doesn't make logical sense on a clean Imperial Star Destroyer filled with well-kept personnel and security against disease outbreaks. This isn't Hospital RP, this is Star Wars RP. One thing I've also noticed is that people with diseases aren't enthusiastically or logically roleplaying and are sometimes straight up annoying. Instead of actually roleplaying as a sick trooper, annoyed troopers who have the disease just go around saying "cough cough cough oh I'm sick," because it's not fun to deal with. Additions such as these systems should be fun, not an inconvenience. This system can be fun if appropriate changes are made, it definitely has a lot of potential to switch up roleplay in a positive fashion. Sorry for the long comment, I just wanted to speak my mind about the situation as I do see some further changes need to be made. Thank you.

    Project Borealis

    Video game documentaries need to become more mainstream.

    Bucket Heads - Fan Film

    Best Fan Film I've seen in a long while, perhaps the best one ever.

    'Vader' - Fan film

    Even though the film is not canon (because it's not official Lucasfilm & Disney material), I would love this to be incorporated into our server lore in anyway we can; we can treat it as if it did happen. Yes, it does happen only shortly after the events of Revenge of the Sith, but depending on what is included in the film, there may be a lot to work with. Star Wars Theory has grown massively in the last 2(?) years and definitely deserves the respect, praise and fame that he has. To pour $80,000 of his own personal money into a film purely for our enjoyment and not for profits (not that he could legally profit from this anyway) shows he has a deep respect for the Star Wars fandom and wishes to contribute to it, a respect that has dwindled and divided over the last few years. I think it would be a good thing to respect his work by recognising it on the server.

    Disease System Nerf

    +1 I haven't even tried out the new disease system yet but I totally agree that adding these features to a system like this would make it a lot more enjoyable/manageable. Perfect choices of options, I couldn't think of anything better.

    Thoughts on a thing


    Christmas Help!

    Scheff Always love some generosity, thanks dude!

    IG - Anniversary Awards Voting

    Having to go through nearly 2 years of screenshots to find a winner was a hard ask. Only for the strongest of men.
  10. JANUARY 2017 REPRESENT! Thanks for another great update Whitey, always great to watch our continued growth as a community, a growth two years in the making. What an achievement, from all of us. Here's for another two years!
  11. SCHEFF


  12. SCHEFF

    Permanently Stepping Down

    Another OG is gone. I'm going to miss you man, you've just always been there, whether it be on the forums or the server; a man before my time. You've had a presence which is inviting and keeps me assured that things are going okay. But alas, everybody has their time and today is yours. Best of luck man with whatever you do and wherever you go. See you later. o7