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  1. Gaben

    Prone Addon

    For the love of god no -1
  2. Gaben


    Guess I’m back, didn’t think this would ever happen, sorry for all the shit I did 9 months back . Won’t do it again please make me feel welcome
  3. -1 not sure if this a meme or legit
  4. i was recently banned for understandable reasons today it was a good move by Frank and I highly respect the man but I simply request this ban gets extended to 6 months or permanent as I am extremely done with this server 1/2 of you guys I love just the few I hate which happen to be high up (not going to name names or anything.)
  5. Gaben

    Sorry Arkas

    somethings not right here
  6. You may not win any awards Stevo but in my heart your always first place ❤️
  7. It would appear you changed your steam link “http://steamcommunity.com/id/ihaveautismplzhelp/“ might want to update it, your not the same chaos that used to be in royal guard a long time ago are you? +1 could really use the practice seems like a nice person
  8. I only play the og, minecraft hunger games
  9. +1 pretty cool dude only have forgotten his general existence twice... Sorry
  10. Steam Name: Gaben Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79790576 In Game Name: NT Lance Corporal ✘ N11 ✘ Stephano Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): 7 Weeks + ( including UTime Resets) Have you had any warns (If so state them): None whatsoever. Have you had any bans (If so state them): None nor do I plan onto. Have you been staff on any other servers (If so state them): Imperial Gaming - Moderator Derivative Gaming - Moderator Reben Gaming - Owner Kaboom Gaming - Staff Manager 3rd Realms - Staff Manager 4th Realms - Co-o
  11. Pfft... i resigned to be unique but all these people keep copying me, can I be Permabanned. But seriously though Sal you were probably one the best EM's I knew and I saw you as a good friend as well. Good luck mate.
  12. Not much to say except I'm resigning from my moderator position as I am losing interest in Imperial Gaming as there is not much to do. I will still be apart of the advertisement team and probably still come on every now and then but yea that's it.
  13. i miss DND ;-; , my useless Grass Wizard was slowly becoming something in this world even getting over his flashbacks he gets of his dead family lmao
  14. its starting to look like assassins creed over here lmao
  15. 9D370321-B45E-4567-99C0-9991A0BACB96.MOV
  16. Gaben

    My Personnel Life

    Jeez man that’s so much to go through
  17. That’s pretty nice dude keep up the good work
  18. -1 I totally don’t remember you at all <3 Welcome back jk I never forget unless it’s your order at Nando’s
  19. That’s what it was haha I forgot
  20. In Star Wars 8 reveal “Turn your fucking flash off!”
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