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  1. All I can add is that I was there and I did see him as ISB in the cell.
  2. You can call me it but you will be arrested
  3. What kind of CS:GO server? Trading server?
  4. Pants

    A Clock in Game

    Its for more than that. Also, that is the first time I'm hearing that. A clock would better RP to an extent, I wouldn't have to go OOC to find a time and the other person wouldnt have to tab out to convert I can just say "Meeting at 10:30"
  5. Pants

    A Clock in Game

    As long as it shows the same time for everyone that's almost perfect.
  6. As you have said moving to other games is the hardest thing you mentioned but that is the one thing I would like to see. (GTA 5 or even GTA:SA RP would be nice to see) Also +1 for the YouTube as long as there are bi-weekly Gamma night-night stories.
  7. Pants

    A Clock in Game

    A clock in game, with either a standard timezone or something made up for the server in the 24 hour format. It would be useful for standardization as the players in the the game span a wide area across the globe. Example, an EM says event at 8 but as an American that doesnt tell me anything useful without asking for clarification. Keep it small, maybe near the compass on the HUD.
  8. Kallus is under new management now
  9. +1 as long as fizzy is in the first group of players
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