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  1. Your RP name: Greg Hudson Suggestion Summary/Title: Make the Judges part of the Government Team Description: Judges IRL are part of the Government and it would make sense that a Judge should have access to say the Police Department, and that the Police and Mayor have access to the Courthouse. At least Police since they would be assigned to protect the courthouse during a court case. Lawyers could be left out as they are more of a private contractor that can work for either the Government or a citizen/gang. As part of this I think the Courthouse doors should also be owned by default
  2. +1, as per previous comments I've made, I think the differences between gangs should only be their appearance.
  3. Ayy, Fantastic to see some of my suggestions being implemented, am quite happy with this!
  4. I'm generally supportive of this but I do believe that Salaries should never be able to compete with Printers or Drugs. In my opinion, Printers and Drugs should be high risk, high reward options for generating wealth. It only seems boring and monotonous because the 'risk' in high risk, isn't really there most of the time due to poor police RP. I've mentioned ways to remedy this in other suggestions. Economy balance is one of the most delicate things with any DarkRP server, and I think it would be more prudent to implement smaller changes over time to tweak the system then big changes q
  5. +1 I liked the old models we used back then, and the police rank system was also a nice way to tell which Cops had more experience with the RP
  6. Your RP Name: Greg Hudson Hi everyone, It's no secret i do a lot of police and SWAT RP on the server and that I'm always quite vocal when it comes to trying to balance the criminal and police roleplay. I'm making the below suggestions because I feel there are a lot of things wrong with police RP at the moment, and there are a few minor details which I think would benefit the server too. I understand my opinion IS biased towards police, so I appreciate any thief/criminal RPers giving their input on the changes so we can give the Staff a balanced perspective on everything. For replie
  7. There is a reason why it is called DarkRP and not DarkTD (Team Deathmatch)... If your ideal DarkRP experience is disguising as a Cop, walking into the PD, surprise murdering all the cops, then raiding the vault, relying on the NLR protection to allow yourself time to escape, then, I'm sorry but that isn't what DarkRP is supposed to be. There is no Roleplay taking place in that scenario, it is just a big gunfight for no reason. You also forget, while the solo thief may very much enjoy this, the 10 players getting mowed down are not having any fun. They didn't benefit from any kind of
  8. While I can see the reasonings behind a second hitman, I don't agree. In my opinion, the Hitman being a solo job is part of the aesthetic and theme of the job. They are unique, one of a kind. The contract killer. -1 But I do agree with the notion that with higher server population, something more could be implemented to allow for more chaos and fun to the RP. How about this; The Murderer - Unlocked at 30 Players -Available to Donator, Trusted+ Description: The Murderer looks like an ordinary citizen in every way, but with the twist of possessing a knife. U
  9. If you ever need a lottery, ask the Mayor to do /lottery [amount] . At the moment the Mayor doesn't have a lot of mayoral tools so I would be against removing the Lottery ability from the Mayor at this stage. Since the Mayor can do it, it may not be worth the Staff's time to implement another lottery feature. -1
  10. Well, as I said I think there can be other customizations, other rewards and features that can be available, just not weapon skins. The incentive for grinding money is usually so that criminal gangs can afford the best gear for their operations, the best guns, armour, etc. If you are a citizen sitting in a roof base with 20 printers just building money then, in my opinion, you arn't playing the gamemode properly. Ideally, money should be used as a tool to generate RP oppertunities on the server. But more often then not is just grinded out in remote parts of the map and not put to any use.
  11. Would prevent self-supply situations where no dealers are available, would be worth trialing. +1 However keep in mind that implementing NPC's like this is quite an effort for the Staff to implement. Another forseeable issue is that players may become used to going to the NPCs, with nobody bothering to go into dealer roles. But it would need to be trialled to see.
  12. Knife Skins (Cases); While I like the idea of permenant rewards that can be purchased with ingame currency, I am personally not a fan of weapon skins of any kind. Generally just because of the association with CSGO/CSS and the culture it invites along with it, basically encouraging the gambling of ingame money in the vain hope of getting a rare item. Theres also the culture of players parading about with their rare item and putting low others for not also possessing items of similar quality. It would cause a divide between long time players and new players, something that doesn't help the
  13. In my opinion, all gangs should have the same rules, guidelines, etc. Let me explain; A gang at it's core is a group of like minded players, often friends, who want to explore the criminal RP as a group. As a group, they may have certain goals, agendas and ideals. Their own culture. Take these few examples for instance; A Crips gang that seeks to 'control' a part of town, and has a high security hideout equipped with printers and other illegals. A Mafia that seeks to overthrow the current government, with the members investigating and plotting against the government, planning as
  14. +1 to Elections and to Mayor systems. Was a good part of Posiedon in the past and should be implemented again.
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