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  1. Looking forward to some good RP from you
  2. +1 Despite (as Ryeboy said) the fact that it sounds very mingey, I don't remember ever having many issues from it due to the cost being high enough to price out new players.
  3. bat


    That's not Apu. Apu is a 10-year-old sweatshop worker.
  4. Suggestion 1: Tentatively I would agree with some sort of system like this. DarkRP players have this weird habit of printer farming for days on end until they have more money than they could ever need and then complaining that they're bored. On a server with cars, cars act as these large status purchases people can save up for, but we don't have cars, so something like this could be cool. Suggestion 2: I'm not going to weigh on this because everyone knows my thoughts on wiremod. However, if the decision does end up being made to add wire, it definitely should come at a time that the serve
  5. bat

    Mayoral voting system

    Yes, I actually almost linked this one by mistake instead of the one I linked. It looks like an excellent addon and replicates a lot of the functionality we had with the old economy system and Jimmy's additions (from memory I think Jimmy said the old system was coded oddly which also made it quite hard to make changes to). As it stands, mayor kind of has not a lot to do and yes, it's important for people to be creative and roleplay but this typically doesn't happen for a lot of mayors. The combination of an election system plus the power of mayor to enact actual meaningful changes through
  6. Your RP name: Massey Vassole Suggestion Summary/Title: Mayoral Voting System Description: Basically, a system that controls the voting for mayor. The current one can be a bit irritating because when the mayor dies, players can sometimes have mayoral vote boxes going a third of the way across their screen. This can happen repeatedly since the votes often don't pass. A system which doesn't rely on single applications for mayor (as the default darkRP one does) would likely eliminate this problem. How will this suggestion benefit the server? It will cause less "spamming" o
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