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  1. why on gods green earth is Chimaera winning. They are on the server still, its called Death Troopers.
  2. As the current medic loadout/nerf stands I'm pretty sure it is temporary whilst a different solution is made or found. There are a few bugs in that regards but I'm sure they'll be ironed out as time goes on. If there are no tactics when it comes to events get your CO to take it to IHC. I'm sure there are plenty of regiments that feel as if they don't have much to do in events that will be glad to help you guys, if no there is no harm in asking.
  3. Swiss cheese is just cheddar with less cheese smh
  4. I consistently swap between New Hope and Empire however, New Hope edges out I think. I also have some hot takes. Rouge One is overrated and the Scarif battle tricked everyone to thinking the whole move is good. Don't get me wrong I love the Scarif Battle, the movie looks awesome and Krennic is a cool villain but the rest of the move is kind of meh its only the last third of the movie that gets me going. Solo is a slept on. Its a fun movie the only thing I don't like about it is the lighting and the Maul teaser I have almost no words to describe how much I hate that people are
  5. Same, but I'm studying IT to get into Cyber Security within the AFP
  6. Wouldn't that reinforce the idea of sparingly using it? Like use it when you are certain there are no EC's nearby or close to do that it should be the the right tool for the right job.
  7. I think that there are some out of character as well as in character changes that can be done to mitigate the problems that some people have. Out of Character: Adding a cooldown to Defibs Upon being revived; The person being revived is set to a % of their HP that is significantly close to their minimum to discourage reviving in the front lines The person being revived receives a debuff for a period of time eg; Impaired/Blurry vision and or weapon inaccuracy to stop them from running out into the front lines again. Bacta Grade Nerf Making th
  8. I can only speak for DT but we are comfortably sitting at 16 people in DT with 13 of us having been in the regiment for 150+ days and many of them haven't been promoted in months. If DT were to be cut by 8 or down to 6 and we were forced to kick that many people do you seriously think that they are going to join an army regiment against their will or just leave the server? 1) If you genuinely think like that I'm sorry for you. 2) Do you think that every DT heavy has turned themselves into a turret? That is a unique PAC that was created and approved by the PAC team.
  9. Recently I've heard a whole bunch of complaints about a myriad of maps that we use as rotations so I've made a quick survey to try and get some general info on what you guys would like to see from potential up & coming maps. Link These suggestions can be anything, make them as wild or as tame you want anything is welcome. You can make them about what you think would be cool, could make some interesting RP or just anything you want. Thanks
  10. Unlike me dude, best Mace Windu and Head Event Staff OCE
  11. I've just done a quick check and currently the map is sitting around 400mb but, that is including all of the content for the map so @Frosty__ is right around the mark. The original map is around 150mb I believe but that doesn't include all of the content.
  12. As the map is already currently really pushing what Gmod can handle. Its a real balancing act, everytime I add something I need to take away from somewhere else or do some wizarding. Well the map won't be set on Rhen Var any more instead on a desert planet most likely Tatooine. Something extra to add: I've been messing around previously with different planets/biomes/themes/times for the map. Examples here. The idea is to make the weekly rotations more unique and less Representative.
  13. It could just be me, however, I feel as if Titan has been getting a lot of flak as of late, which is lucky because recently I have been given permission by Bananakin to edit Titan for IG. This means that any problems or suggestions that you have for titan are now able to be implemented into the map. Over the past few weeks I have been working on a version of titan base that including bug fixes as well as new features to the map. Here are a few changes to the map already that I have made. Moved the buttons room from the hangar to the Navy Bridge Added Checkpoint outside of the
  14. I wouldn't ever recommend Mod&Play. It's development is riddled with issues. If you looked at the discord for it before all the negative stuff got purged you'd know but there are a few things still there such as; DMCA by epic for using the Unreal name without Permission Selling market place addons The game being based off Blueprint and forcing you to use Blueprint and the dev not really knowing what he is doing.
  15. Poseidon was arguably the biggest AU SWRP server for its time and didn't have climbswep and it stayed that way despite other servers having it available for every player.. imo climbswep should be a unique thing for scout regiments
  16. Been working on the map over the past week while not at uni. Here are some of the changes made Updated Brig cells Lightened up COMPNOR Changed the door textures Finished IHC & Gov Added a security checkpoint Added a Shooting Range/Lockers (Still need to light up the shooting range more ) Added a Cafeteria Remade the main hanger Changed all the buttons I also have a question to CO's and all that would you like to build your own bunks with props & so on or would you rather have it build into the map to the lower entity count?
  17. Yeah I've got the public texture and model packs from Lord Trilobite and KingPommes and am using those in the map. I've also definitely been on the lookout for door materials as the current ones are only place holders Yeah I've been working on my own rayshield texture but that isn't really top priority at the moment. I'm also in the process of changing all the button clips (Like the ones in the brig) to models instead like you see in the brig on the ISD. I agree 100% that is an area that is in need of a total revamp. That was one of the first areas I made in the map and since t
  18. Whoops kinda of forgot the mention that aye. I'm planning on putting Gov in the IHC sector however that isn't final yet and willing to hear other suggestions. I'd be very much down for a chat. Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. I'll update this sometime with the changes that I have planned.
  19. Over the past 2 weeks I've been working on a map set on Lothal except not like the city or anything. The idea is that it is set in a secret underground facility. You can check out screenshots of the progress that I've made here . I've been working on the map as a project for myself. Not expecting much to come of it but I thought I might get some opinions, feedback, suggestions Some quick notes about the base: You may notice in the screenshots that areas are colour coded this is to help you from getting lost in the base cause its pretty big. (Blue= Navy, Green = Army, Red = Secu
  20. Hello everybody, today I am announcing the Coalition for Progress will be running The TDM Pro League Season 1. Despite what the title and the previous sentence said it’s not actually an announcement more of a “Hey this is something I’ve been working on and CFP have said it’s good so I’m seeing how the general public feels about it”. You may have some questions such as; “What is The TDM Pro League?”, “Is this the final name” or “How will it be run?”. Lucky for you all those questions and more will be answered! What is the TDM Pro League? The TDM Pro League (Name Subject to chan
  21. Twist


    I've been playing on the server for a month or so, so you may have seen me on there but if you haven't. I haven't played Garry's Mod for around 2 years but in general have been playing on and off since 2012. I've only ever joined 1 community for an extended period of time which was Poseidon's SWRP which I used to be Head Event Staff on. I've been enjoying Imperial over the past month and can't wait to make new memories.
  22. Twist


    This is a little off-topic however I believe it ties into the whole health idea. I feel as if there is an overall lack of structure and tactics during events, I don't know if its the commanders, EM's, troopers or a bit of everyone but everyone seems too eager to run in head first to the event characters to get their quest kills. I don't see that changing unless some of the following is changed. Making the Quest "Assist in Event Character Kills" and make the total higher EM's have defined roles for each regiment Lowering HP Adding respawn timers Actual punishments
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