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  1. Its secretly a ploy for Hyperion to log onto other peoples accounts on the server and get WiltOS removed again... smh
  2. Hard stuck gold main gonna tear up the rift
  3. Queensland was probably the best place to be since we've had lax restrictions for a good while but, probably the misses and listening to new music and artists have helped a lot. (Kid Cudi's new album slaps)
  4. Twist

    The Bad Batch

    https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/DT-series_sentry_droid most likely a version of one of these
  5. Twist

    The Bad Batch

    Can't wait for them to get merced and replaced with actual people
  6. I can just go down to woolies and get a bbq chicken from there. I also feel bad for anyone who doesn't live near a taco bell
  7. Twist

    F8 menu random gun

    On a lighter note, the most that we can do at the moment is probably looking at what weapons are available via the random weapon perk and making sure they don't have any cross over with any regiment loadouts to avoid this issue.
  8. Twist

    F8 menu random gun

    Okay let me put it like this then. IIRC the current way that the random weapon works is pretty much like this: weapontable = { -- Rare Weapons "weapon1", "weapon2", -- Common Weapons "weapon4", "weapon4", "weapon4", "weapon5", "weapon5", "weapon5", } The way that current system wasn't designed with rare weapons and common weapons in mind so you'd have an equal chance of getting each weapon that was listed in the table. To get around this and make it so you'd get better weapons less than other common weapons that are available then there was a sneaky
  9. Twist

    F8 menu random gun

    I don't think we need a back and forth on the issues. Put simply you're getting unlucky every time that you receive a random weapon that happens to be in your loadout.
  10. Twist

    F8 menu random gun

    Last I remember they way that it is set up is extremally scuffed to say the least but long story short, it is pretty much a set table of different guns and theres some sort to cool down to stop people suiciding to get a Smart Launcher ect. Some guns are more and more rare. The table doesn't doesn't include every available gun in the point store or the armoury.
  11. If you've got an issue with DT or a situation that has happened then please talk to DT about it instead of complaining about it publicly. We're always happy to have a chat.
  12. I love music so much and could go on about it for ages but I'll try and keep it concise. I can pretty much and do listen to anything however, my favourite artists are Kid Cudi, Fun/The Format, Foster The People, Anderson .Paak & Kids See Ghosts just off the top of my head. Recently I've been listening to a lot of Arianna, Dua Lipa & Charli XCX My favourite songs from each of them are probably; Kid Cudi - GHOST! Fun. - The Gambler Foster The People - Waste Anderson .Paak - What Can We Do? Kids See Ghosts - Cudi Montage Arianna - Piano
  13. I'm pretty sure Prometheus is like the go to donation store for any gmod community so it might be hard trynna find another one but a quick look at gmodstore has these SFPortal: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/1-7-0-sfportal-all-in-one-community-addon-read-desc GExtension: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/gextension-the-all-in-one-package-for-your-community Azuriom: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/azuriom-the-next-game-cms-generation Azuriom Demo: https://demo-steam.azuriom.com/ Ember: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/ember-donation-system-bans-loa
  14. I think you made the poll wack but cereal is cereal
  15. Twist


    The first round accuracy on shotguns was an still is absolutely busted especially before the weapons rebalance, you either bought a scatter or you pretty much wasted your money. Now that shotguns have been nerfed more people bought snipers from the point shop given their insane damage, which ended up with their abuse by quick switching between them to negate the fire rate. This tactic was pretty much is what was being abused with shotguns before hand but instead of negating the fire rate you were turning any shotgun into a sniper minus the scope. These exploits were abused (mostly the sho
  16. Twist

    epic SK tryouts

    I miss old shock and riot
  17. I feel like engineers could and can do everything that you've said already. If an engineer needs I'm sure they can request the Cyrothrower or whatever its called same goes for a flamethrower. Last I remember there was already a role within engineers for Star Ship Repairs and Maintenance. Engineers already repair stuff around the ship or we just dock at a repair yard.
  18. Generals and other VIP's who have the correct clearance or a valid reason are able take 2 guards up to the bridge, if they try and take more than that we stop them you can ask @Misahu before he got Vader. Vader's Fist have a thing with navy where they are able to guard the BOD and then BSD if we request them to or aren't avaliable. I'm not explicitly talking about Roys, there are many people who straight shouldn't be allowed to go onto the bridge that have "NHC Permission" despite not having a valid reason to go up, and when we deny them they just get a navy member to walk them up and
  19. Is this not literally a description of favouritism though? even if you go with the "Oh just chuck em as an EC that will make things better" I can assure you that if a newish member of the community asked to be set to a naval guard for no reason they wouldn't be set. I don't think the idea of a Passive RP EC is to go into a role that you don't have on the server and stand at the bridge or IHC as a guard and do RP that you know already exists from other regiments. Passive EC should be trying to boost the RP experience for the server not just you're mates that you want to hang out with. That
  20. Honestly this post 100% valid and the fact that navy are mass downvoting not disagreeing but downvoting shows a lot of what was said in this. Favouritism is a clear problem and it shows.
  21. Before I start the fortifications look very good and clean so well done on that however, if I was an EC and ran into these I'd most likely be mildly infuriated cause it looks like its just easier for people to block those door ways. The Doors only seem to need 2 people at max to block off. I get the idea is easily secure areas but it comes at a cost for events, all you need is 1 heavy with their shield out, 1 support and 3-4 troopers and it makes life hell for EC's, which once again I understand that EC's are there to provide RP for the rest of the server but how much fun is it for the rest of
  22. I like the idea of squads within regiments however I don't think they need to have a separate job code on the server cause that just creates a whole bunch of hassle. DT have a small subgroup thing where we have 2 squads of 6 people in each. They do weekly trainings within those squads and then we have weekly training outside of that as a whole group. We also have a thing called MOS/Qualifications which include stuff like; Recon, Cyber Ops, ODA, Intel, demo and so on. CL3s can train people who are interested in a specific qualification and they are able to apply their new RP when we go on op
  23. It depends on the type of person that is looking for power and what their intentions are. If they are looking to get power to flex their massive bear cock then maybe getting a leadership role isn't the best thing for everyone else. If they are looking to get power to keep their cock in their pants and only use it to improve the regiment/whatever for everyone else. If you apply it to real life, say you are under a project manager that is a complete dipshit or some lazy POS who expects you to bust your ass but won't do anything themselves then in my opinion it isn't unreasonable to go the dep
  24. Anaxes has LOTS and I mean LOTS of glitch spots and easy exploit spots around the map, half the time you don't even have to be looking for them to find them. The easiest thing to do is to not go around telling people about them. If you do feel as if they should be blocked up then try and contact management directly.
  25. ridin with biden ridin with biden ridin with biden ridin with biden
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