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  1. rip to the best isb co. sad to see what they did to you. love from israel .
  2. Done, should be on next restart
  3. I'm starting to genuinely believe that you aren't reading what I'm saying... ST's are arguably the most boring regiments on the server and yet they arguably have the highest engagement on the server, because they have officers who actively interact with their troopers and make it an enjoyable experience. If ST's are able to make the server enjoyable then other regiments have literally no excuse.
  4. Some of the most unique RP has done by people in ST's. If you are an officer in a regiment and are unable to keep lower ranks engaged and busy whilst on the server then you shouldn't be in the position.
  5. RP isn't some sort of finite resource that exists on the server. Literally anyone on the server can create RP and involve others in it, it just takes using more than 10% of your brain function to do so. mfs acting as if some unique role on the server is going to fix the problems of their failing regiments.
  6. I can almost guarantee you that whoever said this has mental retardation
  7. Twist

    E11 scopes

    The e11d scope was kinda added quickly by myself without much thought just to see if it could work, however, it is a known issue for both guns. Its not my biggest priority at the moment but I'll be taking a look at it within 2 weeks or so and if I have any updates I'll update this post.
  8. I'm not entirely sure about the Medic/Support/Heavy unique quests, however, there are some pretty good ideas in here, thanks. We'll see what we can do and get back with any updates. If you have any further ideas feel free to update the post or reply with them :)
  9. The way its looking is that it's going to be terrible for communities.
  10. what type of clothes do you buy? Anything that I think looks nice and isn't too expensive. Do you prioritise sneakers over your tops / pants? I used to now I'm trynna conserve money. Do you think clothing is unnecessary? refer to what mongo said. Do you even spend money on clothes? Yes, which is why I stopped spending so much on clothes. I'm usually relegated to Cotton On during their sales, for casual wear at at least. Had to buy a bunch of business casual stuff for a job recently and nearly went bankrupt.
  11. Didn't Eazy E get burnt at the stake? How's he kicken about on Ryloth?
  12. Dude, I'll be real for a second. I used to be the same way, I hated school and the subjects that I did and everything about it, but trust me when I say enjoy the smaller things about it. As someone who has been doing remote uni classes for nearly 2 years and see's his group of friends 1-2 times per week. I genuinely miss sitting around on the school benches with my friends everyday eating our lunch, kicking the footy around and chatting shit. My last two years of school were full of my fondest memories because I learnt how to make best of it. It might not be the same since I know (at least in
  13. My first experience with games was watching my dad play F.E.A.R when I was 5 right before I went to bed despite me knowing that I wouldn't be able to get to sleep. The first games that I remember playing were Halo CE and Tekken 3 with my cousin (I was a Kuma god)
  14. Here's a short video that shows what a users experience with it will be. (In the video it doesn't show me getting the weapons, but thats cause the dev server doesn't have all the weapons from the main server) Pretty much what you see is the going up to the entity (Not the final model) and me editing my loadouts. I can select 1 Primary, Secondary and Specialist Weapons. These selections are based on the regiment that you are in an the point shop weapons that you have purchased. The pointshop weapon's category depends on what slot you can equip it, example Duel E11s go into the pr
  15. I think you've missed how the system works. The system works by everyone having a selection of 1 Primary Weapon, 1 Secondary Weapon and 1 Specialist Weapon per customisable loadout. The weapons that you are able to chose from to make up your Primary, Secondary and Specialist include your regiments given selection as well as your Pointshop weapons depending on what category they fall under in the f3 menu.
  16. EC kills should have nothing to do with placings, that just encourages the server to become more of a TDM game mode than an actual Roleplay server. I hate seeing this point of view, it somehow manages to crop its head out every so often. The quest/prestige/leveling system aren't meant to be grinded out they are meant to be long term goals. It infuriates me when I see people spamming out things such as the Climb SWEP, or forsaking RP during events to run around and kill EC's and NPC's. In my opinion it might as well be removed, it adds little to nothing for existing players other than "
  17. If you have any suggestions for things in your regiment devs are always happy to listen, as long as its not an obviously broken or out of proportion idea. You can even go to Gusky about stuff like that. What? Why would we just leave stuff broken intentionally if there is a bug you need to report it to us instead of just going "nah something else will break better leave it".
  18. Colonel being an actual high rank as apposed to the standard CO rank along side captains through to major as commanding officers. The only problem I see occurring is the equivalencies during transfers and people getting upset with that as well their rank names being changed to something that sounds like its a lower rank. Only thing to do next is abolish Clearance Levels
  19. upside down smiley face when you want to ruin someone's day
  20. I created a bunch of quests for Lothal so in the future if there is more interested it would be easy to add more for around the ISD I believe wiltOS have created something similar to what you may be thinking, not sure if it would be viable for the server however I was making something kinda similar to this a while ago however abandoned it due to disinterested and uni work. Its definitely possible and probs wouldn't be that hard either. Example of what I was working on (Please keep in mind these are old as): Very old Example Old Example Who knows what the futu
  21. This doesn't make any sense Sky is literally insanely active especially for an Army Regiment.
  22. DT don't actively act as security unless requested or in specific cases in which they are either present when the person commits a crime or it is directly related to their interests involving AWR or BSD security. You can remove them from the security however all you'll end up doing is removing a comms frequency and potentially brig access, which once again they only use when they are either requested there or if they are the detaining trooper. DT actually use cuffs for reasons outside of "security" like how shock would use their cuffs. They're pretty much an outsource regiment and gett
  23. I agree with the SCAR part however, I feel as if Shadow and CompForce have significantly different roles. CompForce have a sub division within the regiment that have access to cloak, you can get the understanding of the role for this unit by looking at its named "Observation unit". They are meant for spying and observation. They also fall under COMPNOR and are the primary body guards of Director Asard (CompForce in general) as well as other stuff related to COMPNOR. Shadow's role as an infiltration squad would be fantastic potentially placing them under 107th so they can work with shock e
  24. As I'm not currently in army I think that I can provide an outside perspective on potential regiments that might be similar to a new/returning player. I think what needs to be done is you sit down and make a list of the current regiments with a (very) brief description of what they do. I think you need to look at the list and compare it to any new regiments and see whether there are conflicts that could arise in the roles each regiment does. For those saying a scouting regiment, I don't think that is a good idea instead use the current ones that exist otherwise its going to be another dea
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