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  1. Your RP names: Anastasia Komanova, Pablo Martinez, a dozen more etc. Suggestion: Allow all gangs to ransom off hostages for money instead of just the Cartel. Description: Basically, just remove rule 84. 1. Which states that “only the cartel may sell hostages for direct currency” How will this suggestion benefit the server? Removing this restrictive rule will allow gang rp to reach its full potential in terms of creative freedom. Right now, the Mafia as well as the other gangs beside cartel are allowed to kidnap individuals, but they cannot ransom them off fo
  2. Nah thieves shouldn't have ranks because by default they aren't part of a particular organization unlike gang members or the PD. I don't think thief needs any buffs at all tbh, it's already the most popular job, and there aren't exactly a shortage of regular thief players compared to regular gang players currently.
  3. +1 Great suggestion, many players are already use to the high customization of these models via the wardrobe system(masks etc). Although these models do not appear to be Australian, I personally don't care as we used them for a long time on Poseidon which created a nostalgic factor for many of us. If we already have Crips & Bloods who cares about having more Americanised stuff, we're basically the 51st state anyway.
  4. Neutral leaning -1 As I think kidnapping is better placed in the hands of the criminal gangs personally. While i'm not 100% opposed to the addition of a kidnapper role, I just don't see why the PD would take an individual kidnapper seriously. The cops would likely just rush the kidnapper if they knew it was just one person. I also don't want the appeal of the gangs to be taken away by another thief donor style class hogging up the space. Perhaps Cartel leader instead could be given these tools(handcuffs, blindfolds etc) to cement their status as the main kidnapping gang. While other
  5. +1 I was always the right-hand man to many great gang leaders in the past so this suggestion is very welcome. I believe this role will help provide gang rp the necessary buff it needs, while providing some extra rp flavour.
  6. Your RPnames: Pablo Martinez, Anastasia Komanova, Abdul Jamal, Dimitri Komanov and Jordan Shanks Suggestion: Volatile waste should be brought back to Dark RP. Description: Volatile waste is a liquid with explosive properties, If drunk it turns the user into an active suicide bomber. The BMD should sell volatile waste at a reasonably fair high price. How will it benefit the server: In the past we had good fun with this addon as it allowed us access to many great rp situations such as credible bomb threat scenarios, creative ways to assassinate the mayor and ju
  7. -1 While on the surface this might sound like a cool idea, it honestly seems like it'll just turn into an rdm role for donator players to mass rdm new players(who are mostly regular citizens) with. I dunno it just seems like everything bad about hitman on steroids lmao, leave the plebs alone.
  8. Not everyone uses a cop disguise to raid PD armoury honestly. A cop disguise can be used by a hitman in order to get close to the mayor to off them, and then make a hasty exit. A gang could use a cop disguise to get close to the mayor to kidnap them or create a hostage situation inside the PD. Those two scenarios could involve some fun rp consequences too. I don't see an issue with thieves attempting to stealth their way into the PD vault with a cop disguise either if i'm being honest. Sure gunfights can happen, but they aren't guaranteed to happen if all goes according to plan. The goals
  9. The cop disguise outfits do cost 30k in the !cs menu, but unfortunately they do not appear to work at all. I don't know whether it's even possible to make them work, it might be something for the devs to look into. Personally deception rp via disguises or job descriptions is something that I am all for. If both the cops(undercover) and criminals had the opportunity to effectively disguise as each other it would be fair to both parties imo. This approach would not result in too many constant admin sits over metagaming as you'd have to actively metagame with the tab menu to actually find ou
  10. +1 Sure if we already have like 8 thief slots another hitman wouldn't be that much of a big deal imo. Honestly I don't think it would hurt that much to increase the slots to 3-4, provided the hitman system has safeguards in place(reason for the hit being placed logged when ordering a hit). Hitman is already pretty nerfed as the police disguises in !cs do not appear to work, this makes it extremely hard to conduct assassinations on the mayor. This suggestion would at least provide a much needed buff to the Hitman role.
  11. So yesterday I believe we had a little situation where the Cartel raided the Mafia base stealing all of their goods. In this situation the Mafia were forbidden from retaliating due to the current rules. However the Cartel(mostly former Poseidon players) was also technically forbidden from raiding the Mafia, but obviously they didn't realize they were breaking any rules, because for a long time on Poseidon Dark RP it was normal for the gangs to raid each other. The current rules seem to be confusing people, because it is not the rules we were use to back on the old Poseidon Dark RP. I beli
  12. Suggestion 3: If we want more hostage situations, why not just allow all criminal gangs the ability to take hostages and ransom them etc? Instead of making new niche jobs we should just give the gangs more love by easing restrictions on them. I do not think an individual kidnapper taking hostages would have as much negotiation leverage during a hostage situation, compared to say a fully fledged criminal gang like the Mafia. The cops would just rush the kidnapper since it would just be one man against the whole PD. To avoid minges just put in a rule ensuring that the kidnapper ga
  13. So I've found another addon that appears to be a complimentary one to this suggestion, I think it is made by the same person. It has a whole city management interface for the mayor to mess around with. If it's meant to have 100% compatibility with this suggestion, why not chuck this on as well? It's got several goodies including a tax system, ability to instantly fire cops, government funds system and the ability for anyone to view who is currently wanted. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/6955
  14. +1 Mayor vote popups are currently extremely annoying. This gmod store addon looks far more interesting too since political parties are involved.
  15. There could be something done to alleviate any concerns about balance regarding thieves running rampant disguised as cops in the PD, while still accepting this suggestion. We could for instance simply raise the price of the cop disguises in the !cs menu to something so unsustainable that people will not to be able to use it very frequently.
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