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  1. Hey Team thought it was about time I jump on here and said G'day, I feel like it been long enough to say I'm apart of the family. I Joined the community as an Admin, Darkrp but the server didn't last too long but I still stuck around for the Imperial RP, enjoying it a lot, much love. xx
  2. Lol that darkrp man, when it was a ting
  3. I still live at home but have my own bathroom and 2 rooms to myself. Big Flex
  4. Searched the Steam ID in ULX RPNAME : Joe Nedib and you have been banned by Higashi. Neutral, Pending Decision from Higashi.
  5. I'm Barry Allen the Fastest Man alive. What is your Superpower?
  6. yea and then both hitmans can do the hit and whoever kills the person get the cash.
  7. Your RP name: Barry Allen Suggestion Summary/Title: 2 Hitman Slots Hitman is a great job and a lot of people like being it. When the server is busy there is a lot to get done RP wise and getting rid of people so having 2 slots would be great. Having two slot could bring in a whole new hitman system where people got up to an npc or type a command to set hits giving a reason and if the hitman completes the hitman then he gets paid. PROS -Another Slot for Donators (Seeming we have a lot of new Donators recently it would be great) -People able to create more RP
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