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  1. I don't really have a favourite cheese cause they're all versatile and good for different things, but like...if I had to just take a chomp out of a block I'd go with Parmigiano-Reggiano. Bro that shit goes HARD.
  2. Obviously you can't read what I said, nor do you have the intuition to put the pieces together. Delta, the leader of the people you were pissing people off, came to us and explained the situation. He used us as a security detail to remove non-essential people. I'm not sure if you people have tried it, but communication goes a long way. You're also holding onto ancient history, COMPNOR as a whole doesn't do remotely the amount of petty actions of old, and hasn't for a long time. Once again I'll say it, DT will kill when our VIP orders it, not cause we're offended. We have mouths
  3. The ignorance you hold to everything is nothing short of amazing, it's laughable. When the engineers come to us specifically to remove MARAUDERS and INQUISITORS who are not needed there, we obviously got the backstory and reasoning behind what was going on. If you believe that your posse of ego boosters was really required then you need to open your eyes up. Obviously you need a refresher course, because last I checked the Inquisitorious and Marauder job description didn't include petty KOS reasons. We don't expect you to be soft, but you ARE being soft because you all act like
  4. A few things; High health, running ahead of infantry and blocking hallways, honestly you just get in the way. You're either getting in the way or rushing way ahead and ruining everything. Shadow guard have supreme authority to do whatever they want and answer to no one. Not like we have an active Vader role to keep you in line, or a Palpatine. The only person who can control them is, you guessed it, another Shadow Guard who holds a ridiculously high rank. The KOS license gives sensitive people the ability to kill whoever hurts their feelings. Even if the license was removed, or
  5. I recently bought a French press and coffee grinder, as well as some bussin beans so that's sort of my go to now. Usually just steam some barista blend almond milk (So the foam doesn't separate), throw in a tsp of sugar, half a shot of caramel or vanilla syrup and call it a morning My press usually gets me three cups of coffee if I'm really feelin' it. Sorta saving up for a Rancilio Silvia Pro but that's a distant dream (Look it up if you wanna cream your pants)
  6. Sounds so good, might not be everyones favourite rp but I'd enjoy it so much...gotta make it happen
  7. War Journalist or some shit and make mock stuff on the forums with the photos, make a weekly newspaper or something idk
  8. I have a passion for black tar heroin production
  9. Definitely not near seriousness of everyone else, but I got full dumped by 2 Maori and an Indigenous fella on the first run up of a RL carnival. That was the peak of my discomfort, got to play the ball but then couldn't stay on my feet and had to get carried off lmao
  10. Can't believe I'm defending them, but compnor RP isn't enforcing SeriousRP at ALL times. They are responsible for enforcing Imperial laws and making sure that people aren't severely out of line. Sure, it may attract petty individuals but a majority of the time the senior members will reel it in. Some of this pettiness is found in other branches as well, you can't just single out compnor for all of the servers SeriousRP issues. Again, this is probably getting off topic, but as long as the server is "SeriousRP" then people should at least have the brain capacity to behave in front of security re
  11. This is speaking for me, I can't speak for other ex-COMPNORies. My history in COMPNOR doesn't have a single thing to do with my enjoyment on the server, nor has it influenced how I enjoy RP. For a majority of my time playing this server, I've been in army. Me stating that I enjoy the server, as I did in 2017, also has nothing to do with COMPNOR. If one section is enjoying the server more than others, then maybe they're actually doing something that attracts the right people...but even then compnor hasn't been relevant or proactive for a while. EDIT: Also, what yeff said.
  12. Same, and I'm STILL having fun even though I've left and rejoined many times thats crazy bro
  13. Breaking into a cold sweat just thinking about how much money I waste spend on clothes, I have a problem man Do you prioritise sneakers over your tops / pants? - Nah, gotta have the whole shabang Do you think clothing is unnecessary? - Mongo sums it up Do you think spending a ridiculous amount of money on clothes is a waste? - Yes, but drip or drown Do you think clothing itself is for normies? - What Do you even spend money on clothes? - Yes, too much
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