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  1. Yeah just saw on the discord people talking bout it more for gangs
  2. Yeah would be sick or maybe even adding kidnapping times to these jobs maybe even if they add ranks to thief’s higher ranks could have it
  3. Your RP name: Acel Johnson Suggestion Summary/Title: Description: a role that could turn u into a kidnapper you could have a bat hand cuffs that could blindfold it’s illegal eg. How will this suggestion benefit the server? By allowing more fear rp and more fun rp Links to addons/misc content: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/v1-4-0-realistic-kidnap-system quick thing I found PS formatting is very weird I know but I’m on my phone currently so yeah might have to deal with it at the moment
  4. ? I came 5th damn for my first texturing I’ve ever done
  5. This is my submission to the Pac3 comp I suggested this as a new sub regiment to shock they still act as 107th troopers but with a twist they are spec ops that specialize in stealth and sniper fire they still arrest people and do normal duties but it does have a twist. It includes new textures and weapons on the body. PS watch until the end of the video and you will see the start to finish of the project. PSS it also follows the same format of the imperial gaming trailer format on their youtube for new regiments. Skip to 1:52 to see the skin in its glory
  6. Mythic

    hai I'm lynk

    met him a few weeks ago very nice guy and is a very good leader
  7. Sorry meant to say only ham in shock can say ham smh that’s his thing lol
  8. Only shock can say ham smh
  9. Ohhhh you were the guy I pickpocketed in DB nice meeting you really liked the part of my head getting blown to pieces👍
  10. Hello everyone I would just like to say hello and introduce myself. In game you may have seen me I am a new member of ISC and I am B.Wang or Bob wang. I have had past experiences on servers such as *redacted for g word* I have decided to join you guys as you have a nice and friendly community thanks everyone! If you would like to know me further just let me know I’m usually active on the discord!
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