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  1. lynk


    Hello there! Welcome to the community! Would highly suggest you remove your photo due to safety reasons, due to the fact that there may be doxers so i highly suggest to remove it however still, welcome! Hope you will enjoy ur stay here.
  2. No problemo, it was fun af tho ngl holy fuck xd
  3. +1 My guy has been banned for 4 years, i think that it time his given a second chance. 4 years is very long not gonna lie so ye, hopefully we're able to see you back on the server again and this application gets approved.
  4. You do have a point, really hope that more people see and uses it. I gotta agree that using comms should be more of a use where there should be more professionalism and respect towards others.
  5. lynk

    hai I'm lynk

    Np man, just doin my job
  6. lynk

    hai I'm lynk

    Wowwww, *uses space magic to change denied to accepted*
  7. Honestly I am usually a very chill person, I like to be with people n makes friends. I don't really like to be mean and make people feel angry or bad of themselves. However majority of the time I usually seem very stern and strict but I really appreciate everyone, either it's the way I am or I just don't know when I seem like one but other than that I am usually a very friendly guy. I don't get mad easily as well and I love helping others and joking round. So ya that's basically me I guess?? ok have a nice day cya <3
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