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  1. One of the best 107th Honour Guard around.
  2. Tonight is the last night to help grow the Imperial Gaming Community, by bringing more people into the server and increase the fun. https://www.facebook.com/ImperialGamingAustralia/posts/125880973213291 Random name will be drawn to win a $25 Patron Membership (That im personally contributing for) to help grow our community with new faces. Get sharing!
  3. +1 why hasn't this been created yet?
  4. https://www.facebook.com/ImperialGamingAustralia So if you didn't already know im running a small competition to give more back to the community, help me grow the page to 100 likes so that more people other than our current play base will come over to the IG Server, as you know we are in decline with new players, i need 100 likes for the "Algorithms" to start attracting more people. If you like and share it, then at the end of November ill use a random name Generator to pick a winner at random, and you will recieve a Patron Membership.
  5. TeeKay

    see ya

    Gee you could have thrown up a bit more structure than that Jugger, sad to see you go for whatever your reasons are. Enjoy your life.
  6. The Green Mile, Terminator 2, (Anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger), Shawshank Redemption, The Fifth Element.
  7. TeeKay

    Poker Night

    Yeah so why arent Kris and I working together, to generate more Traffic?
  8. TeeKay

    Poker Night

    https://www.facebook.com/ImperialGamingAustralia/videos/1578494159160067 Jerry clearly not happy with my poker skills.
  9. Only i can see who likes it for the time being, until it obviously generates more traffic into the server, then i will assign the appropriate Admins to also control what happens with the page.
  10. The Facebook page is now live and I am looking for more media to add to the page, I will do my best to grow the community through positive engagement on Facebook, as well as posting regularly. The page has the backing from community admins and administrators. If you are worried about posting your media, and afraid of posting from your personal Facebook, message me directly in Discord. And I will post it directly to the page if you think it posts the community in a good light. Currently as I see it right now we are in a decline of dedicated players either due to exams, or personal reasons.
  11. Well where do i even go with this? Dodger you joined the 107th, and prior to you joining the 107th i thought you were a terrific guy honestly. However things changed when you joined the 107th after i was informed of your history by alot of people. I guess some people look up to me based on my life skills and experience as well as my age, and if i can help someone out of a bind with life advice i do just that. However when i questioned you about your prior history as i have every right to know, you became hostile and aggressive towards myself, you no longer left your emotions and actions
  12. I wouldn't say any one classical artist is better, they all had their styles, just some were a bit more appealing, Tchaikovski, Gershwin, Chopin, these are the 3 classical artists i grew up listening to.
  13. Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini: OP.43: Variation 18 : Andante Cantabile- St Louis Symphony Nocturne No 2 in E Flat Major, OP9, No 2 - Chopin Thats all for now, i was brought up respecting all works of music, being a guitarist myself, i tried to learn Piano but the coordination just wasn't there.
  14. I worry about the future of the human race sometimes...
  15. TeeKay

    been a hot minute

    Roger, Doger ha!
  16. TeeKay

    yet another one.

    I know that you know
  17. TeeKay

    Clip Dump

    This made my night, solid 10/10.
  18. Welcome Buddy, hope to see you in your tie, and not in the Brig. Teekay
  19. Your post is constructed well, and ill recommend a +1. But should you be allowed back you should be subjected to a close watch. I will also recommend to those higher ups that you pass certain tests to test your RP Abilities and what you would do in certain situations, and to answer them honestly and truthfully. So heres my +1 to you.
  20. Goodbye my brother, goodbye my friend
  21. Maybe if someone created a Facebook Page and gathered screenshots and media (Something for the Media Team), you might increase traffic into the server, by appealing to those unaware of Gmod and Star Wars RP.
  22. Ive been playing guitar since i was 13, ive listened from as early as classical to current, however i always find myself listening to bands like Okera, Belakor, Orpheus Omega, Teramaze..... However for variety i go from Rap/ Rnb to Post Hardcore Music, variety is the spice of life.
  23. Goodbye Shock Trusted Legend, here is one of the many photos ive captured, but this one is my favourite. It highlights you leaving in style, and i do hope you make it back here one day should you need us.
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